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CoE, CICS, and SSM Clinical Counseling: Competency/proficiency exams are not accepted.

Columbia Biblical Seminary: Although the CBS does not accept transfer credit from unaccredited institutions without special

approval, a student may request advanced standing with credit through a proficiency examination for courses completed at

an unaccredited institution. Advanced standing may be awarded either with or without credit. Advanced standing without

credit entitles the student to replace a curricular requirement in a field previously studied at an unaccredited school with an

advanced course at CBS in the same field. Advanced standing with credit satisfies the graduation requirement for which

advanced standing is awarded and is awarded only on the basis of a written or oral examination administered at CBS.

Advanced standing with credit may not be applied toward graduation requirements in the Program 2 M.A. (Theological

Studies) degree.

Advanced Standing is available under the following conditions:

With the exception of internship courses, advanced standing with credit may be granted for any course offered at

CBS appropriate to the student’s degree program, including free electives.

Application for advanced standing must be made within one year of matriculation into CIU’s SSM.

No more than ¼ of the requirements of any degree program may be credited through advanced standing.

An approved Proficiency Exam Authorization form must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar with

evidence that the student has paid the non-refundable examination fee.

Competency must be demonstrated by scoring at least 77 percent on a one-time-only written and/or oral

assessment to be administered by the professor of record of the given course, with final approval granted by the


Students may not receive advanced standing credit for courses they have audited at CBS.


Graduates are issued a diploma bearing the corporate name “Columbia International University.” Diplomas, certificates, and

final transcripts will not be issued if the student has any remaining financial obligations to CIU. Graduates, upon request,

may receive a Columbia International University replacement diploma, dated with the original graduation date and containing

a marginal subscript indicating “Replacement Diploma: [date of issue].” (A diploma with the new school name is also

available for pre-1994 graduates.) There is a fee for a replacement diploma.


See “Academic Probation” in the Student Life section and Plagiarism in this section of this catalog.

Degree Changes

Students desiring to add a degree(s) or change concentrations within a degree must request approval through a Record

Change form, which is available at .

Dual Graduate-level Degrees

Students may apply a maximum of 50 percent of one graduate degree to another graduate degree at CIU as long as

requirements for both degrees are met. The required number of credits for completing both degrees may be less than if the

two degrees were completed separately; however, students must satisfy all requirements for both degrees, including

program admission and completion requirements. Students may pursue multiple degrees sequentially or simultaneously.

Enrollment in Courses Outside of Undergraduate Division

Graduate-level courses numbered 5000-6999 are open to undergraduate upperclassmen for undergraduate degree

requirements. Junior or senior undergraduate students may enroll for up to 15 semester hours of graduate credit. See

“RAMP” in this section of the catalog for more information.


: A student classified as a junior having a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 may register for graduate-level courses

numbered 5000-5999.


: A student classified as a senior may register for graduate-level courses numbered 5000-5999. A student classified

as a senior having a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 may also register for graduate-level courses numbered 6000-6999.

Extracurricular Activities

Any student desiring to participate in a university-sponsored extracurricular activity (e.g. sports, music group, performing

arts group, student leadership) or representing the university must be a student in good standing. Good standing means

that the student meets 1) minimum GPA requirements, 2) is not on any form of character probation, 3) has status as a full-

time student, and 4) if admitted provisionally, has successfully demonstrated academic success for one semester at CIU

with the minimum GPA requirement.