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Not offered for degree credit


Primarily designed for undergraduate freshmen, these are basic introductory courses with no prerequisites except as designated.


Primarily designed for undergraduate sophomores, these courses may require prerequisites or, if basic courses, may be taken

after a year of college study.


Primarily designed for undergraduate juniors, these courses anticipate the completion of lower-division studies and some have

specific prerequisites.


Primarily designed for undergraduate seniors, these are usually advanced courses for students completing undergraduate

studies. Most 4000-level courses have prerequisites or anticipate the background of three years of college study.

5000 Considered introductory in graduate-level programs and may include some of the information covered in a similarly-titled

undergraduate course; also open to undergraduate seniors and undergraduate juniors with at least a 3.0 GPA

6000 Considered more advanced and may include prerequisite requirements; also open to undergraduate seniors with at least a 3.0


7000 Considered more advanced and may include prerequisite requirements

9000 Doctoral-level courses open only to students accepted into a CIU doctoral degree program

Note: Courses numbered XXX 3950, 6950, or 9950 indicate faculty directed studies. In these studies a student participates in a seminar

or pursues research in an area of special interest under the direct supervision of a faculty member in that area.


ART 2110

Art Appreciation

This course introduces students to the fine arts in their various media and period styles, with the goal of developing students’

understanding and experience of the role of the arts in life. An ongoing focus on the relationship between art and the Bible will

encourage students to develop a theology of art.

Biblical Aramaic

ARM 4110

Biblical Aramaic

This course is a basic study of biblical Aramaic. You will initially focus on the grammatical aspects of Aramaic and then use that

knowledge in reading selected Aramaic portions from Ezra and Daniel.


Prerequisite: HEB 3112

ARM 6110 Biblical Aramaic

This course provides you with a foundational study of biblical Aramaic. You will initially focus on mastering the basic grammatical and

syntactical aspects of Aramaic. You will then begin reading from the Aramaic portions of Ezra and Daniel. (3)

Prerequisite: HEB 5110


BIB 1114

Old Testament Survey: Torah and History

This course is the beginning of a two-part survey of the Old Testament which covers the biblical history found in the Pentateuch and

historical books of the Old Testament. The aim of the course is to acquaint you with the redemptive message of the Bible and to

encourage you to apply principles from the study of these Old Testament books. (3)

BIB 1115

Old Testament Survey: Poetry and Prophecy

This course surveys the biblical books of Job-Malachi and comprises the second part of a two-part survey of the Old Testament. You

will study the content, message, and personal application of each book, along with the place of each book in the progress of revelation

and redemption. (3)

BIB 1120

New Testament Survey

This course is an overview of the books of the New Testament and the historical circumstances surrounding these writings. You will

focus on the background, content, message, and personal application of each book in the New Testament. You will also examine the

process by which the New Testament canon was formed and the New Testament was transmitted through the history of the Church.


BIB 2441

Methods of Bible Study: Philippians

An examination of the principles and procedures for observing, interpreting and applying the Bible, as well as various methods or

approaches to studying the Bible. This investigation of Bible study methods will serve as a foundation for the study of the message and

distinctive ideas of the book of Philippians. (3)

BIB 2563

Living Your Faith: Study in Amos

This course is a thorough study of God’s Word in the book of Amos. You will be presented with methods for discovering and teaching

biblical principles so that you are challenged to live the Christian faith you profess. (1)