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BIB 2606

Gospel of Mark: The Cross in Our Lives

During this course you will examine the recurring themes and the central message of the gospel of Mark. Why did Mark write his

gospel? The evidence suggests that he was not simply trying to tell the story of Jesus. (1)

BIB 2633

Philippians: Study and Teach the Bible

This course is a “how-to” course demonstrating biblical learning and teaching techniques through a study of Philippians. Through

lectures and independent study projects, you will be encouraged, as both a teacher and a student, to actively explore the pressures,

problems, and principles that contemporary Christians share with the Philippian church. (1)

BIB 2740

Samuel, David, and Solomon

A survey of that period of Old Testament History dealing with the inception of the Jewish monarchy. Special attention will be given to

the characters who shaped the period, e.g., Samuel, Saul, David, and Solomon. (3)

BIB 2636

Colossians and Philemon

In this course you will examine the New Testament letters of Colossians and Philemon. The teaching emphasis for the course is on

applied sanctification. (1)

BIB 2648

Be Faithful: I and II Timothy, Titus

In this course you will analyze the Pastoral Epistles, with special focus on issues faced by the early church as well as the 21st century

church. (3)

BIB 3420

Principles of Bible Interpretation

This course will guide you through the hermeneutical principles basic to interpreting Scripture. Many of these principles are common

to language and literature, while others apply uniquely to the Bible. All of them are based on the way in which the Bible interprets itself.

You will begin to lay a foundation of cognitive understanding, with an emphasis on practice in applying the principles. (3)


BIB 1114, BIB 1115, and BIB 1120 for undergraduates

; one prerequisite may be taken concurrently; graduate students may take this

course as a graduate school prerequisite.

BIB 3613


This course is a historical study of the continued ministry of the risen Christ by the Holy Spirit through the early Christian church as

God’s instrument for witnessing to the Lord Jesus Christ. You will focus on New Testament principles and methods for evangelization

and church growth, with attention being given to historical backgrounds and interpretive problems. This course may serve as a New

Testament exegetical book study. (3)

Prerequisite: BIB 3420

BIB 3616


Within the framework of an exegetical study, you will focus on the New Testament’s most organized, thorough exposition of the Christian

faith and its relation to human history and implications for Christian living. Giving special attention to the personal application of the

message, you will apply principles of biblical interpretation to the study of this book. (3)

Prerequisite: BIB 3420

BIB 3820

Bible for Teachers

In this course designed for teachers of the Bible, you will develop a philosophy of Bible teaching and learn to follow a preparation

procedure that will ensure that the purpose for which Scripture was given will be accomplished in your own teaching. You will focus

specifically on how to plan a Bible curriculum with courses of study, units, and daily lessons, following the pattern of biblical revelation

and teaching the biblical material with integrity. (3)

Prerequisite: BIB 3420

BIB 4117

Wisdom Literature

In this course you will master the content and theology of the Old Testament Wisdom books (Job, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes) by

utilizing the exegetical tools you learned in BIB 3420. Emphases include: The unique purpose of each Wisdom book, the discovery of

meaning, and the contemporary application of meaning. The instructor stresses the importance of literary analysis. This course serves

as an Old Testament exegetical book study. (3)

Prerequisite: BIB 3420

BIB 4133

Prison Epistles

This course is a detailed study of Paul’s Prison Epistles (Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon), composed during Paul's

time in prison for preaching the gospel. This course will examine the historical setting, literary features, and theology of the Prison

Epistles. Attention will be given to key texts and themes within these epistles as well as the broad contours of each of Paul's letters. (3)

Prerequisite: BIB 3420

BIB 4310

Progress of Redemption

In this course you will explore God’s plan of redemption as it progressively unfolds in the Bible. You will trace the basic historical

revelation in the Old and New Testaments to see what God is doing and by what method. You will consider the spoken revelations as

you observe the progress of doctrine. (3)

Prerequisites: BIB 1114, BIB 1115, and BIB 1120

BIB 4325

Studies in Biblical Theology

In this advanced seminar, you will explore selected topics that focus upon a particular corpus of biblical texts or a particular theme

articulated in scripture. Topics may vary from year to year, and the course may be repeated for credit if the topic of study differs. (3)

Prerequisite: BIB 3420