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YOU 4310

Leadership Strategies in Youth Ministry

In this course you will examine various targets, tactics, and principles for effective youth ministry, including understanding the dynamics

of leadership development, recognizing stages of leadership, discovering one's style of leadership, and crafting a ministry mission

statement. You will minister to youth and evaluate ministries throughout the semester.

YOU 4400

Practical Skill Development in Youth Ministry

This course is designed to offer you ministry skills experience within the discipline, providing opportunity for the upperclassman to gain

competency and confidence within related vocations. Experiential learning requirements are defined by your program and assessed

by the program faculty. A minimum of 50 clock hours of direct experience is required for a unit of credit, and advisor approval is required.



YOU 4440

Organization and Administration of Adventure Education

You will study principles and theories of organization and administration used in adventure education leadership. Special attention will

be given to such administrative procedures as personnel and faculty management, developing and maintaining a budget, public

relations, conflict management, risk management, and complete applications of record keeping. (3)

YOU 4450

Advanced Adventure Education

In this course you will synthesis and state, from all previous study and experience in the Adventure Education Specialization, a biblical

theology of Christian maturation through the experiential mediums of the outdoors. Based upon this theology you will develop and lead

in the field and educational/training system. (3) Prerequisite: YOU4600

YOU 4535

Programming for Youth Ministry

This course will prepare you for the daily nuts and bolts of leading an effective ministry to middle school, senior high and college

students. You will examine how to manage program details, plan events, build a ministry team, create budgets, and manage ministry

risks and legal issues. (3)

YOU 4600

Applied Adventure Education

In this course you will explore principles and experience the biblical foundations, contemporary expressions, and soft skills of effective

leadership. You will focus on training in character development, problem-solving, group relational navigation, conflict/emergency

management, non-verbal assessments, and coping with weaknesses, failure, and limitations. (3)

Prerequisite: YOU 4440

YOU 4630

Wilderness Leadership Training

The Wilderness Leadership Course is an expedition in learning and application involving a 40-day and 40-night wilderness experiential

learning trip. You will travel on foot a total of 160 miles, participating in rock climbing, backpacking and mountaineering, as well as

develop a greater relationship with Jesus Christ, leadership ability, and leadership outdoor skills to accompany the experiential

curriculum. The classroom is the backcountry of Wyoming, including Vedauwoo rock formations, the Snowy Range, and the Wind River


This course is offered in cooperation with the Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries (SROM) which is accredited by the Association

for Experiential Education.


YOU 4650

Applied Camp and Retreat Management

In this course you will examine the realities of camp and retreat management by serving at a local Christian camp. You will also assist

in behind-the-scenes preparations for summer camp and in preparing for and hosting retreats. (3)

Offered in cooperation with a local

Christian camp; Prerequisite: YOU 3450

YOU 4720

Ministering to College Students and Emerging Adults

You will explore God's presence in the young adult journey, focusing on the theological and developmental dynamics inherent in young

adults. You will study practices that are effective in engaging young adults and will work them into effective strategies for ministry. (3)

YOU 4800

Cross-cultural Youth Ministry

This is a survey of youth ministry approaches in different cultures worldwide. You will explore the cross-cultural ministry principles

most essential to youth ministry, and will also develop a culture-specific youth ministry vision, strategy, and program. (3)

YOU 4930

Youth Ministry Internship

This internship provides you with a supervised, preliminary training experience in a local church or parachurch setting. You will receive

hands-on experience as a way of discovering or honing your ministry skills and encountering the reality of vocational work away from

a university setting. This requirement is normally met during the summer, but can be completed during the fall or spring semester if

you are not registered as a full-time student. Prerequisites: Completion of 90 semester hours of academic credit (usually completed

following junior year).

YOU 4940

Wilderness Leadership Internship

You will study all aspects of leading an extended wilderness program over a summer-long internship in Wyoming. You will take a

ministerial role in serving the students and other instructors for the remaining part of the summer under the watchful eyes of wilderness

professionals. In order to participate in the internship, you must first complete the 40/40 expedition. (3)

Offered in cooperation with

Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries [SROM], which is accredited by the Association for Experiential Education.

YOU 5025

New Paradigms for Youth, Family, and Culture

In this course you will explore the ways in which different paradigms of ministry affect youth, families, and culture. What does it mean

to be family-based in youth ministry? What is the role of the family in the church? How does Christianity affect culture? What is the role