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of the church today and in the future? How does culture play a part in the shaping process? What will youth ministry look like in the

future? What implications for the future arise from the phenomenon of the “emerging church?” (3)

YOU 5030

Advanced Youth Communication

This course is designed for individuals who intend to focus on vocational communication (pastor, youth leader, itinerant speaker,

evangelist, and teacher). You will explore the crucial elements of effective communication, including how to understand learning and

teaching styles, and how to connect with a variety of audiences and sizes. You will explore keys for personal and spiritual preparation,

places to find illustrations, ways to connect God’s Word with students, uses of humor, and the place of timing and speed in

communication. You will grow in your understanding of hindrances to effective communication, techniques for body language, and the

ways the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit work in the process of transforming people. (3)

Prerequisite: YOU 3130

YOU 5110

Issues in Contemporary Youth Culture

In this course, you will engage in an in-depth look inside today's youth culture. You will examine the questions they ask about such

topics as parents, self-image, friendships, peer pressure, music, love, sex, dating, abuse, drugs, and teen violence. You will give

special attention to addressing these issues from a biblical perspective and equipping students to speak, teach, and counsel youth and

families about their felt needs. (3)

YOU 5120

Intro to Youth and Family Ministry

This course provides you with a theological, sociological, philosophical, and historical overview of ministry to adolescents and their

families. You will study current models and philosophies of youth ministry and explore theories of adolescent development, as well as

a variety of issues impacting youth culture today. (3)

YOU 5130

Communicating to Youth

This course is designed to equip you with necessary skills for effective speaking to the youth culture. Using the “SCORRE” method,

you will practice giving expositional talks that relate to the developmental needs of junior and senior high students and collegians. (3)

YOU 5410

Evangelizing/ Discipling Youth

This course will equip you with the principles and practices you need to disciple a young person to know God and make Him known. It

will give you a specific look at adolescent Christian life and how it relates to growing mature leaders in youth organizations. You will

review various models, strategies, and programs that target teens and collegians in a ministry of disciple-making. (3)

YOU 5435

Wilderness First Responder

You will study and be exposed to the methods, procedures, and tools needed to make critical medical and evacuation decisions in

remote locations. Half of your time will be spent completing practical skills, case studies, and scenarios designed to challenge your

decision-making abilities. Upon successful completion of the course, you will earn WFR, Anaphylaxis, and BLS-level CPR certifications.

(Offered in cooperation with Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries [SROM], which is accredited by the Association for Experiential Education.)


YOU 5710

Counseling Youth & Families

This course will prepare you to meet the counseling needs of adolescents. You will address such areas as parent-teen relationships,

anxiety, anger, suicide, and substance abuse. The course will give you a framework for utilizing a family systems model and will offer

practical techniques and principles of counseling. (3)

YOU 5750

Camp and Retreat Management

This course will introduce you to the basics of camp and retreat management. Topics will include staff hiring and training, facilities

management, programming, food service, marketing, working with a board of directors, risk management, and accreditation. (3)

YOU 5800

Cross-Cultural Youth Ministry

In this course, you will survey youth ministry approaches in different cultures. You will explore the cross-cultural ministry principles

central to your ministry and will develop a culture-specific ministry vision, strategy, and program. (3)

YOU 5888

Mobilizing Youth Mission Trip

You will study the principles and strategies in designing and leading a short-term overseas trip. Emphasis will be placed on personal

spiritual preparation and cultural sensitivity in spreading the gospel. This course is offered in a missions trip format. (3)

YOU 6436

Wilderness Ministry Professional

You will study the skills necessary for professional leaders in an intensive summer wilderness setting. You will also be focused on the

themes of personal intimacy with Jesus, connecting in unity and oneness with your community, and developing and clarifying a personal

philosophy of wilderness ministry. This course is specifically designed to train you to lead and instruct backpacking and rock climbing

from a Christ-centered worldview. (Offered in cooperation with Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries [SROM], which is accredited by the

Association for Experiential Education.) (3)

YOU 6440

Organization and Administration of Adventure Education

You will study principles and theories of organization and administration used in adventure education leadership. Special attention will

be given to such administrative procedures as personnel and faculty management, developing and maintaining a budget, public

relations, conflict management, risk management, and complete applications of records keeping. (3)