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YOU 6450

Advanced Adventure Education

In this course students will synthesis and state, from all previous study & experience in the Adventure Education Specialization, a

biblical theology of Christian maturation through the experiential mediums of the outdoors. Based upon this theology the student will

then develop and lead in the field and educational/training system. (3) Prerequisite: YOU4600

YOU 6535

Programming for Youth Ministries

This course will prepare you for the daily “nuts and bolts” of leading an effective ministry to middle school, senior high and college

students. You will examine how to manage program details, plan events, build a ministry team, create budgets, and manage ministry

risks and legal issues. (3)

YOU 6600

Applied Adventure Education

You will explore principles and experience the biblical foundations, contemporary expressions, and soft skills of effective leadership.

You will be trained in character development, problem solving, group relational navigation, conflict/emergency management, non-verbal

assessments, and coping with weaknesses, failure, and limitations. (3)