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Undergraduate Graduation Rate for 2016

The 2016 spring graduation rate for the fall 2010 entering

class was 74% at the undergraduate level. This rate is

based on the full-time, first-time students completing a

program within 150 percent of the normal time required

for their program. Many students opt to extend the length

of study due to employment needs, family issues, or

academic achievement goals. The university has no

statute of limitations regarding the completion of

associate or baccalaureate degrees. For a more complete

analysis by demographic factors, please contact the

Office of Institutional Research.

Title II: Higher Education Act Report

Columbia International University submits a Title II Higher

Education Act Annual Report for Teacher Education. For

a copy of this report, please contact the dean of the

College of Education.

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act Report

Since Columbia International University does not receive

funds for athletic scholarships, the university is not

required to submit an EADA report. Currently the following

intercollegiate sports are offered by gender at CIU:


Cross country



The University is a member of the National Christian

College Athletic Association (NCCAA) for intercollegiate

sports at Division I.

Certified Public Accountants Audit Report

Each year CIU’s financial records are audited by an

independent certified public accounting firm. The results

of this report are available for review. Please contact the

vice president of operations and development for a copy

of this report. Fundraising policies and financial

management follow the Evangelical Council for Financial

Accountability (ECFA) standards.

Campus Security Report

In accordance with the Higher Education Act, each year

the Student Life office, in consultation with the Campus

Security office, publishes a Campus Security Report

regarding security policies, procedures, and crime

statistics. Contact the director of security for a copy of this


Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment Report

Each year the faculty, in consultation with the Office of

Institutional Research, prepares a report evaluating the

effectiveness of the university in student learning and

other areas of institutional research and assessment. The

evaluation is based on assessment of the stated goals

and objectives of the university and, more specifically, the

undergraduate programs. The results of this report are

available for review. Please contact the Office of

Institutional Research for a copy of the report.

National Council for State Authorization

Reciprocity Agreements

CIU is committed to expanding student access to its

educational offerings and providing outstanding student

support. Through membership in SARA, a voluntary

interstate reciprocity agreement, CIU is able to provide

high quality online programs to students nationwide.

SC CHE serves as the state’s portal agency for SARA and

is the final authority for SARA-related complaints. If an

out-of-state student enrolled in an online program wishes

to file a complaint, he or she may submit the

CHE Student

Complaint and Procedures form


Vocational Intentions

The 2016 graduating class reported the following career

objectives and placement expectations during their final

semester (based on survey responses):

Primary, Long-Range

Vocational Goals





Ministry in Home



Marketplace Ministry






For a more complete analysis by academic program,

please contact the Office of Institutional Research.

For a listing of consumer information disclosures, visit