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New Testament Survey

This course provides an overview of the background and content of the New Testament, with an emphasis on beginning to prepare you

to study and interpret the Bible on your own. Students learn about the content, authorship, date of writing, and important background

issues for each New Testament book. (3)

Limited to online program students.



Life of Christ

This course provides you with insight into the life of Christ through study in the four Gospels. As you examine Jesus’ life and ministry, the

goal is to discern examples and patterns you may imitate to experience authentic and transformative Christian living. Doing so will prepare

you to follow Jesus more completely and to impact your circle of influence with His message. Topics include Christ’s life, historical and

cultural context, teachings, and theology. (3)

Limited to online program students.




Fundamentals of Business

This course provides you a foundational understanding of the basic practices and issues necessary to managing and operating a

business. Topics include various management theories, economic concepts, management and organization, human resources, sales and

marketing, and operations, along with consideration of the challenges, ethics, and strategies necessary to conduct business in both

domestic and global markets. (3)

Limited to online program students.



Introduction to Finance

This course will equip you with knowledge of basic finance principles to help you link financial markets, institutions, and investors. You

will study the corporate perspective on the flow of capital, including related topics such as interest rates, stocks, bonds, risk and return,

the time value of money, and the cost of capital. (3)

Limited to online program students.



Personal Financial Management

This course will provide you a practical introduction to personal finance management. It highlights strategies for managing personal

assets and also explores such topics as the development of personal financial goals, planning and budgeting; avoiding fraud and

swindles; buying, insuring, and financing major assets; consumer credit; banking services; investments; insurance; retirement and estate

planning; and income tax. You will also learn to understand biblical principles of stewardship that impact financial management. (3)


to online program students.



Principles of Accounting

This course will provide you foundational knowledge of basic managerial accounting processes. Topics covered include product and

service costing, profit planning, capital investment analysis, flexible budgeting, and financial statement analysis. You will also become

more proficient in your use of various computer applications to analyze data and to inform your financial decisions. (3)

Limited to online

program students.



Global Issues in Business

This course will introduce you to foundational concepts for conducting business in an increasingly global economy. You will investigate

key cultural, ethical, political, and economic issues that impact the world of global business, with a view toward making you more informed

and effective businesspeople as you relate to the larger world of business. (3)

Limited to online program students.



Business Case Study

This course builds upon material you have learned in earlier courses with the goal of applying your knowledge to solve true-to-life business

issues. You have the flexibility to focus on an organization of your choice as you approach your case studies. A written case study is

completed as a summative exercise in which you identify problems, explore the relevant literature, and propose recommendations for

improvement. (3)

Limited to online program students.



Working with Teams

This course studies the importance of teamwork in organizational or professional settings. You will study the components of effective

teams, discuss common dysfunctions of teams, examine accountability within teams, and how to instill team values. The goal is to help

you grow both as a team members and as a team leader. (3)

Limited to online program students.



Finance and Budgeting for Managers

This course will build upon your prior coursework in basic finance concepts involving financial markets. You will complete a thorough

review of financial statements and learn their function and use in capital markets. Topics explored include managerial planning and