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decision making roles in areas such as capital budgeting, capital structure, leverage, and cash flow analysis. (3)

Limited to online program




Personnel Development

This course will prepare you with the understanding and skills you need as a leader to hire and grow a solid team. You will learn various

theories of learning, leadership, and motivation, and from that learning develop a practical application of methodologies such as needs

assessment, development, and execution. The course also covers job design, coaching, mentoring, and performance management

techniques that facilitate a good corporate culture. (3)

Limited to online program students.



Management of Information Systems

This course will introduce you to the design and use of management information systems. You will study the components and technologies

that information systems typically employ, their impact on business processes, and the contribution they make to helping businesses

achieve a competitive advantage. Special attention is given to the role of information systems in global and multinational business

contexts, along with how organizational members can collaborate using technology to enhance their outcomes. (3)

Limited to online

program students.



Management of Marketing

In this course, you will examine the discipline of marketing as it relates to today’s world, both domestic and global. You will analyze

multiple marketing strategies and explore consumer behavior in various target markets. Related topics include how to make strategic

marketing decisions related to product and service offerings, including distribution, promotion, and pricing. (3)

Limited to online program




Business Ethics

In this course, students will study ethical theories with a view toward relating and applying them to contemporary issues in business.

Special attention is given to the application of a Judeo-Christian ethical paradigm to identify basic beliefs, establish good values, and

make ethical decisions. (3)

Limited to online program students.



Operations Management

This course will provide you with an understanding of the foundations of the operations function from both manufacturing and services

perspectives. You will analyze operations from both the strategic and operational perspectives, with a view toward understanding the

competitive advantages the operations side of a business can provide for the organization. Topics include process analysis, materials

management, production scheduling, quality improvement, and product design. (3)

Limited to online program students.



International Issues in Business

This course will provide you with a framework for understanding the global business context that is now reality for many businesses. You

will explore the ethical and cultural differences among various countries and the dynamics they create in international business, alongside

strategies to help your business enter the global market and compete effectively. You also will be encouraged to develop a biblical

paradigm for your approach to international business. (3)

Limited to online program students.



Strategic Management

This course explores the world of strategic management and will help you discover its guiding principles. Topics covered include helping

an organization accomplish its objectives through formulating, implementing, and evaluating effective cross-functional decisions. Students

will review the many pieces necessary to strategic management, including integrating management, marketing, finance/accounting,

production/operations, research and development, and information systems. (3)

Limited to online program students.



Business Portfolio

This course is designed to provide a capstone experience for your previous business courses. It covers the processes of internal and

external business analysis, followed by how businesspeople develop growth strategies for both diversification and globalization. Finally,

you will receive biblical guidelines and coaching to help you implement these strategies into all aspects of your business. (3)

Limited to

online program students.

BUS 5010 Business Research and Data Analysis

The purpose of this course is to prepare you in mathematical, probability, and statistical concepts for your upcoming studies in quantitative

methods. Topics include research design, measurement issues, the sources and collection of data. Ethical issues associated with the

conduct of research will also be explored. (3)

Limited to online program students.

BUS 5020 Organizational Leadership and Ethics

This course explores the key principles, models, and practices that provide the foundation for effective, ethical organizational leadership

and management. Best practices of leadership and management are examined and evaluated as applied to the dynamics of

understanding organizational behavior, building cohesive teams, and developing healthy organizations. Ethical and corporate social

responsibility (CSR) models and decision making in both for-profit and not-for-profit entities will be addressed. Special emphasis on

analyzing and integrating the values and ethics from a Christian worldview will challenge individuals to formulate one's own philosophy

of organizational leadership and healthy organizations. (3)

Limited to online program students.