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Technology for College

This course provides the foundational knowledge so you can use technology as an effective communication tool for researching and for

presenting information. You will gain experience with key technology tools the business world uses today, with a view toward learning

how to create documents and presentations and to communicate those appropriately to academic and professional audiences. (3)


to online program students.


ECN 6010

Economics for Business Management

This course provides the concepts and principles required for understanding and solving economic business problems. The course

especially focuses on microeconomic analysis applied to practical business problems and decision-making -- such as factors relevant to

production, cost, demand, pricing, and profits -- and also on monetary and fiscal policies that affect industries, markets, and firms. (3)

Limited to online program students.




College Writing and Research I

This course overviews the tasks and skills involved in writing formal essays. You will increase your writing proficiency step-by-step,

accomplishing smaller goals that lead to the achievement of larger goals. You will thoroughly cover the mechanics of good English

grammar with the goal of identifying your strengths and weaknesses. As a summative exercise, you will examine biblical examples of

various types of writing. (3)

Limited to online program students.



College Writing and Research II

This course builds upon the knowledge of writing and writing research skills you covered in ENG 101 College Writing and Research I.

The course stresses intellectual and analytical reasoning and their contribution to good research and writing practices. Students continue

to drill the mechanics of grammar and provide input for other student writers. As a summative exercise, students will examine examples

of research and reasoning as they relate to and help us understand the biblical text. (Pre-requisite ENG 1010 or equivalent). (3)


to online program students.




World Civilization

This course surveys world history from the beginning of civilization to AD 1700. You will study the origins and achievements of the major

civilizations of Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. You will also be exposed to Christian, Islamic, and Byzantine cultures. Upon

completion of the course, you will have gained a foundational understanding of ancient history—historical, cultural, and geographical

factors—and grasp its relationship to the biblical record. (3)

Limited to online program students.




Introduction to Leadership

This course provides you an overview of the basics of leadership, including focus on both a personal and organizational context. You will

cover such key areas such as creating and communicating a vision, empowering others and affirming your contributions, challenging the

status quo, leading change, and celebrating team and organizational success. You will apply what they learn to evaluate your own

personal leadership practices. (3)

Limited to online program students.



Organizational Leadership

This course will provide you an understanding of organizational leadership—both theoretical and practical—from a biblical perspective.

You will discuss the topic of leadership in contexts that include interpersonal relationships, organizational structure and processes, and

organizational culture. The biblical concept of covenant will be used as a model for identifying and implementing best leadership practices

within each of these contexts. (3)

Limited to online program students.

Ministry Skill Development



Living the Christian Faith

This course introduces you to the Christian faith and what it means to life a lifestyle of biblical Christianity. You will study and learn the

role of spiritual disciplines in helping Christians live out your faith authentically. Special emphasis is also given to how God has gifted

people for His service both within the local church and to the world at large. (3)

Limited to online program students.