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Marketplace Ministry

The purpose of this course is to encourage you to learn, develop, and implement a biblical Christian faith in every aspect of life—home,

business, church, and the world at large. You will study how your lifestyles as believers comprises a powerful statement to the non-

Christian and provide the Christian opportunities to initiate spiritual conversations. The biblical elements of conversion are included. (3)

Limited to online program students.




Philosophy and Worldview

This course acquaints you with key philosophies and worldviews today that come from various sources and that impact people’s

understanding of reality and of the world. You will come to understand, recognize, and evaluate these various belief systems within the

context of biblical Christianity. Such topics as the nature of God, the meaning of life, the nature of humanity, and morality will be covered.


Limited to online program students.




Organizational and Industrial Psychology

In this course, you will study and apply the science and theory behind how people predict and manage human behavior within an

organization. Students will cover theories of motivation, cognitive psychology, leadership theories, ethics, performance management,

team management, and organizational development. (3)

Limited to online program students.




Research and Concept Development Skills

In this course, you will develop skills and strategies necessary to success as an adult learner. Focus is on the concepts of adult learning,

effective team work, and discovering your personal calling. Related topics include team dynamics, the American Psychological

Association (APA) formatting guidelines for academic writing, understanding personal learning styles and personality types, and personal

goal setting. (3)

Limited to online program students.




Exploring God’s World: Earth Science

This course is designed to provide you a general overview of environmental science, with an emphasis on sound science, stewardship,

and sustainability. Students study basic concepts of environmental science, relationships between living and nonliving things, human

impact upon the environment, and proper care of earth’s resources. Critical thinking skills will be utilized throughout this course, with a

view toward helping you carefully consider scientific concepts and their effects upon human interactions. The study of environmental

science is approached from the perspective that human beings are tasked with practicing appropriate stewardship of God's creation. (3)

Limited to online program students.




College Study Skills

This course empowers adult learners to make the transition back into education within a college environment. It provides a good launching

pad for your work as you will be introduced to communication, self-motivation, and critical thinking skills necessary for academic success.


Limited to online program students.



Cultural Diversity

This course is an exploration of cultural diversity and multiculturalism within the framework of a biblical worldview. This course provides

you with a process to understand and relate to people of various cultures. It also provides ongoing preparation for effective interaction

with all kinds of people in our culturally diverse world. Growth in these skills will equip you with what you need to build trust across cultural

differences. (3)

Limited to online program students.




Survey of Bible Doctrine

This course provides you with a survey of the foundational ideas and teachings of Christian thought and doctrine. You will explore the

biblical teachings which form Christian doctrine. You also will consider how to move from theory to practice and from ideas to behavior

as you learn about practicing a Christian life and worldview. (3)

Limited to online program students.