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Wow! I am so excited to share with you the wonderful message and mission of education

through the Columbia International University campus. For the last 22 years, I have been

working in Christian universities to prepare students to reach the nations with the message

of Christ and now it is my privilege to serve at CIU!

During my own college experience, I learned many of

the character building leadership skills that I use today.

In fact, at my alma mater, my heart was set on fire to

burn for the cause of Christ. At Columbia International

University, we will invest in you the five core values:

the Authority of Scripture, World Evangelism, Prayer

and Faith, Victorious Christian Living, and Evangelical

Unity. These core values will be poured into you on

our campus.

Our desire is to prepare you to serve this generation.

Highly qualified faculty will develop you intellectually

as well as challenge you spiritually to make sure your

heart stays tender toward God. Grace will flow with

care and concern from the faculty and staff of our


Professionally, it is our desire to fully equip you for a profession that prepares you with

excellence wherever you may serve - in this country or around the world. You see, you

are our investment of time and treasure because we believe you can change the world.

I welcome you to the Columbia International University campus. We are a growing,

dynamic body of professionals desiring to pour our lives into you. Take the CIU Challenge

and learn how “To Know Him and Make Him known!”

This catalog provides you with all the details you need to complete your program of study

at CIU. Please feel free to call us at call (800) 777-2227 or email the Admissions office at

to discuss your specific needs or questions with one of our counselors.

Welcome to the Family,

Dr. Mark A. Smith