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By Bob Holmes

So, we were all placed in this rugged, intimate atmosphere and had to learn

not only how to live around each other, but how to work well as a unit. This is a

skill set that I believe all missionaries should learn before entering their field.

–Lindsay Emo, senior

alk about practical experience. Lindsay Emo and other Columbia International University students who major in

International Community Development (ICD) learn what it’s like to live, or perhaps survive, in a needy society.

In addition to studying what the Bible teaches about God’s mission to reach the nations through the church, ICD

majors live for a semester in a simulated Third World village learning problem solving and coping skills that prepare

them for life in a developing country without most of the tools, amenities and communication devices of the modern


The hands-on training takes place at the HEART (Hunger, Education, and Resource Training) Institute in Lake Wales,

Florida. Areas of training include Sustainable Agriculture, Spiritual Development, Small Animal Husbandry, Food

Technology, Appropriate Technology, Primary Health and Cross-Cultural Communication & Community Development.

The following are the HEART projects and experiences of Emo and two of her classmates.



CIU Today

Fall 2015