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Kudos to Kara

I remember when I first met CIU women’s soccer coach Kara Farnsworth

shortly she was hired in 2014. She looked as young as the players she

would have to recruit to build a brand new program within a year.

It was a daunting task for the 24-year-old who came to CIU from

Colorado Christian University where she was an assistant soccer coach.

She told me in an interview that she is a soccer coach, but quickly

added, “I am (also) in full-time ministry. I do that through the avenue of

soccer.” When she told me that, I knew she had her priorities in order,

and despite the mountain she had to climb, she would be OK.

Every once in a while I would drop by her office to ask how recruiting

was going. I could tell some days she was wondering where players

for a brand new program were going to come from. Other days she

seemed more upbeat. Either way, she always managed a smile. Like

she said, for her this is ministry.

One day I noticed a white board in her office with names of players;

current students who were prospects and now playing on a club

team. Things were looking up.

When a Christian college in Florida suddenly closed its doors at the

end of the last school year, Kara picked up a couple of seasoned

players from that school’s soccer team.

As we go to press with this edition of CIU Today, Kara Farnsworth’s first

ever CIU women’s soccer team has a winning record, with victories in their

first four matches. That includes a win over cross-town rivals, the Columbia

College Koalas, a seasoned team that plays in a competitive division.

But even if the Lady Rams had stuttered at the start, that would not have

changed the focus of Coach Farnsworth or her team.

I stood by as a local reporter interviewed Kara and a couple of the Lady

Rams after their historic first home match, a 2-0 win.

When asked about setting the standard for the new program, senior

Kayla Swails told Cola Daily, “It’s both intimidating but also an incredible

opportunity. We have a chance to set the tone for the women’s soccer program,” she said. “I

think all of us are humbled by it but really blessed by it as well.”

Sophomore Alanna Batterman chimed in, “It’s really exciting and honestly all glory goes to God.”

Good job, Kara. Sounds like your recruits are in ministry too.

Bob Holmes

CIU Today



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The many faces of Coach

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CIU Today

Fall 2015