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Robertson & Muriel

In Robertson’s own words

The Resignation Speech Heard Around the World


oogle the name Robertson McQuilkin, and many of the top hits will link to his resignation speech from CIU,

then called Columbia Bible College (CBC) and Seminary. In 1990, after 22 years as president of CBC, McQuilkin

announced he would resign to devote full time to Muriel, his wife of 40 years who was suffering from Alzheimer’s

disease. With the introduction of the internet and social media, his words from 26 years ago, continue to be shared and

reverberate around the world:

I haven’t in my life experienced easy decision making on major decisions. But one of the simplest and clearest

decisions I’ve had to make is this one, because circumstances dictated it. …

Muriel now, in the last couple of months, seems to be almost happy when with me, and almost never happy when not

with me. In fact, she seems to feel trapped, becomes very fearful, sometimes almost terror. And when she can’t get

to me there can be anger; she’s in distress. But when I’m with her, she’s happy and contented. And so, I must be with

her at all times. …

You see it’s not only that I promised in sickness and in health till death do us part; and I’m a man of my word. But as

I have said … it’s the only fair thing. She sacrificed for me for 40 years to make my life possible. So, if I cared for her

for 40 years, I’d still be in debt.

However, there’s much more. It’s not that I have to, it’s that I get to. I, I love her very dearly, and you can tell it’s not

easy to talk about it in public. She’s a delight. It’s a great honor to care for such a wonderful person.


CIU Today

Fall 2016