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Perhaps the best part of my current position

is rubbing shoulders with, and befriending,

some of the greatest minds among

evangelicals, who are also some of the most

humble people I have known.

My 25th Anniversary at CIU

I said I would never work anywhere more than a few years.

I always wanted to be moving forward in my career, always

wanted to be one step ahead. Then I became employed by

Columbia International University. That was 1992. I’ve been

here ever since.

In April I was


for my quarter

century of service

at the annual

Recognition Day

Chapel. But the

honor has been

mine to remain

with such a great


The first half of my

25 years was at

WMHK radio, the

station formerly

owned by CIU

where I was a

news anchor/reporter, and eventually, the news director. I was

credentialed with a front row seat to the world. What memories.

With South Carolina an early presidential primary state,

opportunities abounded for news coverage. So one morning

in 2000, live on the air, I peppered candidate George W. Bush

with questions including: “Would an openly-known homosexual

be a part of a Bush Administration?” These days we would say

my question, and his response (“I would not ask that question,

I would ask if you are a conservative.”), “went viral.” News

outlets such as Time magazine quoted from the interview.

But since 2005, I’ve had a front row seat to the higher education

side of CIU as the university’s communications manager. In

many ways, I’m still reporting the news.

On a Saturday morning in 2010, my mobile phone awakened

me at about 6:30. It was a CIU vice president informing me

there had been a fire in the CIU library and I needed to get

to campus ASAP to deal with the media. As I stumbled to the

closet, my wife asked me what was going on. “What do you

wear to a fire?” was my reply. I hurried down I-20 to meet a

sleepy-eyed TV news videographer already on the scene.

Perhaps the best part of my current position is rubbing

shoulders with, and befriending, some of the greatest minds

among evangelicals, who are also some of the most humble

people I have known. Many of them are now with the Lord.

Professor Dr. Bill Larkin lived in my neighborhood and I often

times gave him a ride to campus. In our conversations, my

brain could not keep up with his. In his days of semi-retirement,

Professor Dr. Terry Hulbert kept an office down the hall from

mine. I miss him showing up at my door and encouraging me

in my work. While I had known President Emeritus Robertson

McQuilkin since my days at WMHK, when I came over to the

higher education side, he enlightened me further on CIU’s

great heritage. What a privilege to have known him personally.

An historic figure in evangelicalism.

It has been a privilege to serve under presidents Dr. Johnny

Miller, Dr. George Murray and Dr. Bill Jones. I thank them

for their example of servant leadership and personal

encouragements over these 25 years.

I said I’d never stay more than a few years. It has been God’s

will for me to hang around and learn from people such as these.

And now it’s time to meet our new president, Dr. Mark Smith.

I hope you’ll read my article on page 16 and get to know the

“Bible-centered entrepreneur,” who God has brought to CIU as

we move toward the university’s 100th anniversary in just six years.

Stay tuned. More news to come.

Bob Holmes

CIU Today


Recognized for 25 years of service by Diane

Mull, director of Alumni and Development.

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