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While a student in the

CIU Prison Initiative

Jerry Chambers

kept a journal.

Sept. 27, 2009. This has been

a blessed day for me. … I

have been studying for my

(Psychology) exam on Monday

all weekend. Therefore I am

believing God will help me with

this test. Amen . I thank God for

the opportunity to go to college.

What a blessing it will be on

graduation day for my family

to see me walk the floor and

receive my degree.


t was indeed a blessed day when

Chambers received his Associate

of Arts degree at the 2010 Prison Initiative

commencement. The ceremonies were

held behind the walls of the Kirkland

Correctional Institution just across the

Broad River from CIU’s main campus.

And while the majority of graduates from

the program continue on in ministry as

chaplain’s assistants throughout the South

Carolina correctional system, God had

different plans for Chambers.

These days, at age 38, he is a student

on the CIU main campus working on a

bachelor’s degree in Psychology while

he serves as associate minister at Temple

Zion Baptist Church one mile from the CIU


Earning a Degree on

Both Sides of the River

CIU Prison Initiative Graduate Now Studying on the Main Campus

By Bob Holmes

Correctional Institutions

CIU Campus


CIU Today

Summer 2016