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I learned that many of these children

come from homes that are so unstable

that they begged to stay at school at the

end of the day.

Thinking about everything God taught

me in Detroit, I have to ask myself if

I am only interested in ministry that

is glamorously risky, exciting, or with

people that I naturally love. Sometimes

I assume that mission work is more of an

exotic adventure than sacrificial service.

Although serving God is fulfilling, the

personal implications of missions work is

sobering. God showed me that my heart

needs to be transformed by gospel truth

for my priorities to fall in line. This means

that if I get my satisfaction from people’s

approval, I will

always want to make

ministry big and

showy, waiting for

applause. However, if

I find my satisfaction

from Christ’s love for

me, I will be faithful

to do the little things

that go unnoticed.

If I think that I am

entitled to a life

that is catered

to my wants and

needs, I will burn out when ministry gets

hard. However, if I recognize that all I

have is a result of God’s grace, ministry

will be more of a joy. If I only befriend

people that I naturally like, I will selfishly

neglect many of the people that Jesus

loves and for whom He died. However,

if I understand that Jesus loved me

despite my complete unworthiness, I

will love others out of that supernatural,

unconditional love that He gave to me.

I was encouraged to see the hope that is

blossoming in one of the most struggling

cities in the nation, and how God is

working through His children there. It is


I assume

that mission

work is more

of an exotic


than sacrificial


my prayer that more of us will selflessly

take up our crosses and follow Him as

they do.

Erica Williamson is a sophomore from

St. Cloud, Minnesota majoring in Teacher

Education. Her career goal is to be a

missionary or a teacher.

Victor Jimenez and Erica

Williamson serve food to the

needy and the homeless at a

Detroit church.

The cross country

team made an

attempt to stay in

shape even in the

Detroit conditions.


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