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Dominican Republic

Days 1-5:

Fountain of Life School, Juan Tomas,

Dominican Republic

We began our trip at a small Christian

school in a rural village on the outskirts

of Santo Domingo. The staff works

to serve their community by sharing

the hope of Christ through Christian

education, church services, and medical

clinics hosted throughout the year. Our

team of 10 CIU students had planned

and prepared a variety of English

lessons, but we weren’t quite sure what

it would look like when we arrived. The

first night, our host, Argenis, told us

that we would have the opportunity to

teach in the local public school as well

as at Fountain of Life. He challenged

us to share Christ with everyone during

our time in Dominican Republic! We

were able to teach English classes, lead

worship, speak in chapel, share in Bible

classes, and help with Sunday school.

God opened doors that we didn’t even

know were possible while we were in

Juan Tomas!

Days 6-7:

Logos Christian School, Santo

Domingo, Dominican Republic

Our next school was a larger Christian

school that partners with Christian

parents to train children to love and

serve God. The teachers welcomed

us into their classes; our team

members taught English multiple

times throughout our two days at

Logos, covering topics such as the

Easter story, household objects,

geography, governments, and British

literature. We were impressed by their

commitment to biblical integration and

strong academics. The staff at Logos

is committed to influencing the next

generation for service to Christ!

Days 8-9:

King’s Christian School, Santo

Domingo, Dominican Republic

The final school we visited was a large

Christian school in Santo Domingo.

Shortly after arriving, we were told

that they had rearranged their chapel

schedule so that we could address

their middle and high school students

— something for which we had not

prepared! God’s grace and provision

were clear, though, as four team

members shared short, personal

messages that flowed seamlessly

together in a way that only God could

have orchestrated. We were also able to

share the story of the Good Samaritan

The thoughts of Caitlyn Thompson

Teacher Education student Christy

Lee at Logos Christian School .

in skit form for the elementary students.

While we were at King’s, a team from

an international Christian school in

Santiago came and shared about

their school. We were so privileged

to see the many different ways God

is using Christian education to work

among the people of the Dominican

Republic. Each school was significantly

different; one consistent feature at each

school, though, was a staff made up

of dedicated believers serving God to

reach their community with the message

of Jesus Christ!

One of the most meaningful lessons

that I learned on this trip is how much

joy and peace comes from serving

God where He calls you regardless of

circumstances or location. The teachers

at each school we visited could have

been working in higher-paying careers.

Many had left jobs in law, architecture,

and accounting because they felt

that God had called them to teach.

Despite the seeming disadvantages

of their choice, each teacher exuded

joy and contentment as they spoke of

their confidence in being where God

wanted them. They were willing to

make sacrifices because they knew their

work was making an eternal impact.

I was challenged and encouraged to

remember God’s faithfulness to those

who obey what He calls them to do!

Florida: Meeting CIU alumnus Steve

Richardson (front, white shirt), the director

of the missions agency Pioneers-USA

“One of the most meaningful

lessons that I learned on this

trip is how much joy and peace

comes from serving God where

He calls you regardless of

circumstances or location.”


CIU Today

Summer 2016