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Coaching to Biblical Manhood

Assistant basketball coach shepherding the “flock”

By Bob Holmes

Danny Reese wants the young men entrusted to him to walk

in biblical manhood. That’s a high calling for an assistant

basketball coach. But Reese says he’s more than a coach – he’s

a disciple maker for Jesus.

To Rams basketball fans, Reese is the guy with the clipboard on

the Rams bench logging stats and leaning toward Head Coach

Marshall Teague to offer advice. But to the

players, he has been an available mentor,

friend – and fellow classmate. At age 39,

Reese crossed the stage of Shortess Chapel

in April earning a bachelor’s degree in Bible,

ready to continue his ministry to young men.

“I’m concerned about how they’re living

their life and seeing how they grow in their

devotion to Christ,” Reese said.

Devotion to Christ was not Reese’s priority

when he was the age of those he is

coaching and mentoring today. Reese grew

up in the Columbia area playing basketball

for Brookland-Cayce High School. But he

said he made some “terrible choices” and was incarcerated for

a time in the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice.

Still, he finished high school on time, and would go on to play

college basketball at Wabash Valley Junior College in Illinois

and Northeastern State University in Oklahoma.

It was at Northeastern State that he had a Christian teammate

who “showered him with love.”

“He would always pray with me, he was pouring the Word

of God into me every chance he got,” Reese recalls with a

fondness in his voice. “God reminds me of all these people He

would bring into my life.

“(But) all this time I was not in an abiding relationship with

Christ,” Reese continued. “I would call on Him whenever I had

a need. But I was still wanting what I wanted in my life.”

After his years at Northeastern State, his life took another spiral

downward as he went through a period of depression, drug

dealing and what he called “street life” that landed him in the

county jail.

”I always fell short. I had no purpose of living. My life was

identified by the game of basketball.”


His sentence for the drug dealing was 12 years suspended

with five years of probation – if he entered a Christian-oriented

program called “U-Turn for Christ” hosted by Calvary Chapel in

Lexington, South Carolina.

Reese made the U-Turn. The program

taught him a disciplined, biblical life, and he

grew in a relationship with Christ.

“I had enough of me,” Reese said.

Reese found full-time employment and

after a couple of years in the marketplace,

he responded to what he describes as a

“calling” to come to CIU as a student and

basketball coach.

“My steps were ordered to be here.”

Reese plans to continue on as a Rams

assistant coach next season, helping

to establish what he calls “a

championship culture for Christ” in

the young basketball program.

“(God) has given me the

opportunity to impact

young men,” Reese

explains. “Coaching is

a part of mentoring. It’s

like shepherding. Tending

to your flock. It’s pointing

them to the Word of

God with Christ as our



is a part of

mentoring. It’s

like shepherding.

Tending to your


–Danny Reese

Danny Reece

(right) offers

advice to CIU

Ram Ryan

Favor during


Reese received his

bachelor’s degree

in Bible at April’s




CIU Today

Summer 2016