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My dad would take us for family walks in

the evenings after class and we’d pass

CIU’s core values engraved in rock. I’d see

those rocks so much their words became

engraved in my heart, too. Then we’d

head to The Pointe. Sunsets sure are

lovely there.

By the time I as in middle school in 2007,

my dad began pursuing his doctorate

and for the summer we returned to live

in a house on the old “Faculty Row”

with more than one excited “are we

there yet?” coming from the backseat

as we drove straight south toward CIU.

Little did I know that I would meet my future husband

that summer. We were thrilled to hear that the Marrah family of Ohio with

six kids moved in next door. The dad, Todd Marrah (2009), was also studying for his doctorate.

After meeting the Marrah kids, excursions to the lake were planned together and our game size doubled; five of us, six of them.

Jacob was my age but I was too nervous to really talk to him; love had not awakened yet. As the years went by our families kept in

touch, and Jacob and I did too.

After dating for a few years, I moved to Ohio and we joyfully tied the knot on July 25, 2015. I would have never guessed that of

all places on this beautiful earth, God would have me meet my husband at beloved CIU eight summers ago. A CIU banner now

hangs in our kitchen and it makes me smile.

We serve with the Columbus, Ohio Dream Center’s inner city kids program, and desire one day to return to CIU to be real

students on campus. We love CIU and what it stands firmly for.

“To Know Him and Make Him Known.” That’s what it’s all about. A life motto, not just a university motto. CIU, we’re thankful for you.

Editor’s Note: Today, Dr. Rick Martin serves as the superintendent at Calvary Chapel Christian School in Las Vegas, Nevada,

while Dr. Todd Marrah is the superintendent of Tree of Life Christian Schools in Columbus, Ohio.

CIU Supporters (left to right) Dr. Rick Martin, Annette

Martin, Abi Martin Marrah, Jacob Martin, Jana Marrah,

Dr. Todd Marrah (Photos provided by Abigail Marrah)

<<< Little did I know that I would meet

my future husband that summer. >>>


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