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student who is employed during the chapel hour and any off-campus student

who has no morning classes may request a permanent chapel excuse.

Instructions for permanent chapel excuses can be found under “Chapel

Excuse” on the Shortcuts for Students page at .

Permanent chapel

excuse requests can be made by completing the form and clicking the Submit

button at the bottom of that page. Permanent chapel excuses are issued on a

semester-by-semester basis.

Ten chapel absences are permitted for all students each semester. Studying

around campus is not permitted during the chapel hour except for resident

students in their rooms taking one of their 10 absences. Excessive absences

may result in an ‘unsatisfactory’ course grade and a delayed graduation.

Students are required to listen to each president’s chapel (Dr. Jones) even if

absent. United chapel messages may be heard at .

Seminary and Graduate School students:

All students must fulfill a chapel

requirement. All presidents’ chapels by Dr. Jones are required as a part of the

chapel program.

Seminary students

will report fulfillment of the chapel requirement through a

non-credit, satisfactory/unsatisfactory course, CHL 5001, 5002, or 5003, for

which they must register. All certificate and master’s degree program students

must attend at least 15 chapels per semester during the following number of

semesters according to the length of their program: Certificate and one year

M.A.s — one semester; two year M.A.s — two semesters; three year M.Div.s —

three semesters.

Graduate School students

will have their chapel requirement explained within

their academic program. Advisors should be contacted for details or if there

are questions.

Seminary and graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend chapels

on campus. Those who are unable to do so may fulfill the requirement by

listening to the digital version of the chapel online at .

Lord’s Day/Sunday Observance

We recognize Sunday as a special day of rest, worship, and service to the Lord. We

expect our students to be involved in a local church and to attend Sunday school

or a Bible study group, as well as the worship service of that church. We encourage

rest on Sunday, but we also recognize employers may require students to work.

Limited employment is permitted. Studying after 6:30 p.m. is also permitted.

Give your mind and body a well-deserved break!

Please refrain from work as much as possible and from

studying before 6:30 p.m. on Sunday.

On-campus observance and activity:

The chief purpose and desire for the day

remains worship, service and genuine rest for the body and soul. Recreational

activities (not including intramurals) are permitted after 1:00 p.m. at the CIU