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the very beginning was that a man and a woman would be joined together and

become one flesh (Gen. 2:24). This expression of marriage is affirmed throughout

Scripture and leaves no room for same-sex unions nor sexual expressions of

intimacy between those of the same sex. Therefore, we hold that marriage is

between one man and one woman. The idea that those of the same sex can marry

is contrary to Scripture and unacceptable. Based on this, CIU prohibits any form

of homosexual behavior, as well as any public expression of support for such

behavior or same-sex marriage.

As stated above, God created male and female when He created mankind. There

is growing concern and discussion regarding gender identity. Some individuals

believe they are trapped in a body of the opposite gender (i.e., a person with a male

body feels that he is a female). Some people have had sex-change operations to

deal with this disconnect. We believe that God’s design in creation is clear and

that seeking to change one’s gender identity through surgery or any other means

is prohibited, as well as any form of transgender expression, such as cross-

dressing. Those associated with CIU should not publically advocate for any type of

transgender expression.

Relationships and Expression of Romantic Affection

We desire that our community be a place where students, staff, and faculty learn

and experience how to be the people of God in relation to each other as brothers

and sisters in Christ. We want this to take place on multiple levels: from common

courtesy toward each other to the development of deep, intimate friendships;

from classroom discussions to times of small group sharing; and in romantic

relationships from dating to engagement and marriage.

The standard below regarding physical expression of romantic affection

differentiates between couples who are casually dating and those who are in a

dating process where they are seriously and intentionally exploring whether God

is leading them toward engagement and marriage, but who are not yet engaged.

We believe there is a qualitative difference between these two forms of dating, and

CIU seeks to recognize and affirm this difference. Those whose relationship has

moved to a level of discerning whether God is leading them toward engagement

and marriage are encouraged to pray and seek the counsel of faculty or other

godly individuals who can talk with them and support them in seeking God’s best.

The following represents CIU’s biblical understanding and the resulting

standards with regard to the essential and formative process of developing godly


Intimate Relationships:

God created people as complete beings and deemed

His creation to be very good. He created men and women in order to provide

human relationships that could provide profound intimacy. This includes the

area of physical expression of romantic affection between the sexes. From

the very beginning it was very good and without pollution or shame. Adam

and Eve were naked before God and one another and were not ashamed (Gen.

2:18-25). They experienced intimacy in every area of their lives, and God was

very pleased.