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2017-2018 CIU Student Handbook


university catalog;

o The responsibility to register, add, and/or drop courses in a timely manner

to ensure others will have an opportunity to take courses. The student

is responsible to follow the university guidelines if he/she desires an

incomplete or needs to withdraw from the university;

o The responsibility for the financial cost of attending the university.

Basic Rights of Students

Students enrolled at the university enjoy certain rights, including, but not limited to:


o The right to access the programs and services of the university without

regard to color, sex, race, age, disability, or national/ethnic origin;

o The right to receive counsel regarding financial aid sources and

implications of student debt repayment prior to incurring financial

obligation to the institution;

o The right to withdraw without obligation within a time frame published by

the university;


o The right to appeal decisions involving judicial or administrative action;

o The right to appeal decisions involving grades;

o The right to seek exceptions to program requirements or academic

policies by petition;


o The right to inspect and review educational records except where a

student has waived such rights or where access is prohibited by the

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974;

o The right to receive a syllabus for each course that states the goals of the

course, the requirements that must be met, the system of grading, and the

attendance policy;

o The right to full disclosure of all expenses per semester prior to becoming

financially obligated to the institution;

o The right of access to campus crime statistics;

o The right to data on advancement, retention, and graduation ratios;

o The right to own intellectual property created in fulfillment of coursework

unless specified otherwise in writing (All revenue generated or

compensation awarded through such intellectual property belongs to the



o The right to prevent disclosure of directory information or educational

records to a third party;

o The right to seek amendment of educational records;


o The right to be heard with regard to the formulation and improvement of

educational programs, policies, and services;

o The right to organize, to assemble, and to express opinions, subject to

established procedures;