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2017-2018 CIU Student Handbook


center and residence halls. If leggings are worn in a non-athletic context, an

appropriate covering should be worn.

Campus Buildings

Students should not enter, climb or be on the roof of any building without proper


Campus-Wide Curfew

Curfew for all students living in the residence halls (except seniors and Graduate/

Seminary students) is 1 a.m. Sunday-Thursday and 2 a.m. Friday-Saturday. All

students living in the residence halls or apartments should be in their residence

hall or the apartment complex if on campus after curfew. All off-campus students

(including seniors, seminary and graduate students) should not be on campus

after curfew. The Student Center closes at curfew, and the campus is closed from

curfew until 5 a.m. Any student returning after curfew should check with Campus

Security and return to his/her residence hall.

Children in the Student Center

Children (under 18) should be accompanied by parents or another responsible

adult while in the student center. Babysitting/child care should not be conducted

in the Student Center. Children are not permitted to operate the TV or satellite box

and may not play pool or pingpong unless under parental or adult supervision.


Dancing has long been an expression of worship, praise, and celebration in

cultures around the world. Scripture also makes reference to dance in a positive,

praiseworthy manner when it addresses dance in the context of worship or in

a celebration of God’s presence. Unfortunately, as with many things, what is

wholesome and innocent can also be twisted and used inappropriately as a means

of simply pleasing ourselves with no consideration of what honors and pleases

God. Therefore, godly discretion is required in decisions about dancing. CIU’s

standards regarding modesty and physical displays of affection apply during all

dancing. In accordance with CIU’s other community standards, dancing in places

that primarily exist to serve alcohol is not acceptable. (See section on Alcohol,

Tobacco and Illegal Drugs for further clarification.)

The dean of Student Life must approve dancing as a part of a performance team or

dance troupe. Dancing as part of a church or home school group does not need prior

approval. To include dancing as a part of a CIU sponsored event, the organization

putting on the event must first receive approval from the Student Senate as well as the

Student Life Office. A playlist of songs to be used at the event must also be approved.


Participation in any form of gambling (including the lottery and online gambling) is

not permitted.

Guests on Campus

CIU faculty, staff, and students must accompany any guests they invite to campus,

including when they are using any campus facilities, such as fishing in the lake,

exercising in the fitness center, or using recreational equipment in the student center.


Harassment is contrary to scriptural principles, morally wrong, and illegal (see

Title IX under the Student Appeal and Grievance Policy). We specifically forbid