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2017-2018 CIU Student Handbook


All students are issued an account within CIU’s online community (


Due to the important nature of much of the information sent by CIU offices to

students via the student’s @

e-mail account, students are expected

to check their account regularly. Students are responsible for information posted


or sent to their CIU e-mail accounts. Technical assistance (opening

an account, logging in, forwarding e-mails to a preferred e-mail address, etc.) is

available online or at 807-5199.

Please check your

account often. You can forward it to a

preferred email account.

Residency Requirements

All single undergraduate students under 23 are required to live on campus.

Undergraduate students living with family within commuting distance (50 miles)

must live on campus their first two semesters at CIU. Students may move off

campus if they will turn 23 during a semester. Those under 23 who are found to

have moved off campus without permission will be charged one half of the Room

and Board charge and will not be able to register for classes the next semester

without discussing housing arrangements with the Residence Life Office. For

additional information regarding housing requirements and appeals in exceptional

circumstances, contact the Residence Life Office (807-5485 or ext. 5485).

Rollerblading, Skateboarding, Scooters

Those rollerblading, skateboarding, or riding scooters on campus should be

careful and courteous at all times. These are prohibited on the boulevard and the

road behind the student center. No stunt skating, stair jumping, or skating inside

buildings is allowed at any time.

Selling & Charitable Collections

No one is to act as an agent or salesperson on campus for products or services.

This includes advertising on bulletin boards (except on the Student Life bulletin

board) and taking orders from those who request a product, as well as stuffing

campus mailboxes.

We appreciate the concern that often motivates a desire to solicit help for needy

students and worthy causes. It is necessary, however, to avoid any type of solicitation

that puts pressure on a fellow student, including individual fundraising for mission

trips. School policy does not permit person-to-person appeals or announcements for

this purpose. School sponsored mission trips (through SMC or CICS) are an exception

to this policy. Questions should be directed to the Student Life Office.

Student Insurance

CIU requires all students to carry adequate health insurance. Students who do

not have coverage through their family or employer should purchase health care

coverage for the duration of their studies at CIU. Information about purchasing

health insurance can be found online at

. All students must submit

proof of insurance to CIU’s Health Services Office. In general, comparable health

insurance should include:

coverage for sickness or injury resulting in the need for inpatient or

outpatient hospital care, surgery, diagnostic x-ray or laboratory testing,

emergency care, outpatient psychiatric care, doctor’s office visits and

prescription medications