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2017-2018 CIU Student Handbook


The following are violations of campus regulations:

Decal and Parking Violations

Vehicle without a proper decal

Decal improperly displayed or not readable

Vehicle not parked within a parking space

Vehicle parked in any space other than those designated by the issued


Curb parking, except in the following areas: Administration Building circle,

Memorial and Founders Halls short-term (30 minute), and Rossi Student

Center short-term (30 minute). Physical Plant vehicles are permitted to

park on the curb while an employee is working.

Backing into or pulling through a parking space

Parking on the grass and under trees

Double parking outside of authorized spaces

Blocking a fire hydrant

Blocking the roadway or entrance

Double parking or blocking another vehicle

Parking in an ADA space without proper credentials

Parking in “No-Parking” areas

Parking a detached trailer in any space except undesignated spaces

behind Founders Hall

Traffic Violations


Reckless Driving (careless/unsafe driving)

Driving on the grass or athletic fields

Disregarding one-way traffic signs & other posted signs and signals

Failure to obey traffic directions given by a campus security officer

Violations may result in a citation being issued. Campus parking violation fines

must be paid in the Accounting Office within five days of the date on the citation

or penalties may be applied. Repeat parking and traffic violations may result in

additional fines or penalties, vehicle immobilization, vehicle towing, the loss of

driving and parking privileges on campus or a registration hold on a student account.

Citation Appeal Procedures

Citation Appeal Forms are available in the Student Life Office. The appeal form and

citation must be returned to the Student Life Office within five (5) business days of

the date on the citation. Appeal requests received later than five (5) business days

are not accepted.