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2017-2018 CIU Student Handbook



Student Organizations and Leaders

The Student Government Association helps foster the mission of CIU among

the student body. The various student leaders represent student concerns and

needs to the administration and organize a variety of student events. To be eligible

to serve, a student must demonstrate the heart and character to serve as a

spiritual leader. Candidates must have a minimum 2.3 GPA (cum.), and it must be

maintained while in office. GPA requirements for some offices are higher (Student

Government and Union officers - 2.7; resident assistants - 2.7). Candidates must

not be under any formal school discipline (the Student Constitution provides

additional criteria and guidelines). Those interested in serving should check with

the student executives for procedures. After names are submitted, the Student Life

Division reviews nominated candidates’ credentials for final clearance to run for an

office. The various organizations are:

The Executive Team

is the head of the Student Government Association and is

responsible for guiding and leading the other student organizations, and in turn the

student body, in their efforts to fulfill the mission of CIU. This team consists of the

student body president, vice president of student body, vice president of student

activities, vice president of finance, vice president of communications and the

executive secretary.

The Student Senate

is a collective body of student leaders responsible for

representing the students before the administration and communicating back

to the students. The presidents of all organizations representing a specific

demographic of students serve on the Senate, led by the vice president of the

student body.

The Student Union

provides social and outreach activities for students. Various

concerts, socials and community opportunities will be available. Check the CIU

calendar for upcoming events.

Student Mission Connection

plans regional prayer groups and other activities to

inform and involve the CIU community in making Christ known worldwide.

The Finial

is the annual yearbook prepared by students and their advisor.

African American Student Association

primarily serves the CIU body and the

Columbia community by building bridges between ethnic cultures.

Mu Kappa

serves and represents the needs of MK (Missionary Kid) and TCK (Third

Culture Kid) students.

The International Student Association

serves international students studying at CIU.

The Grad Life Council

is the student organization responsible for serving the

spiritual and community needs of graduate-level students.

The Married Student Association

serves all married and single-parent members

of the student body.