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2017-2018 CIU Student Handbook


orders placed on the Marketplace)

Multiple payment options, including school issued financial aid, available

for all orders

Books can be sold back on the Marketplace at any time throughout the year

Counseling Services

Our commitment to spiritual formation includes recognizing that in this growth

process one can become aware of personal problems and concerns that require

God’s grace and truth through other people. Requesting help often takes courage

and is a sign of spiritual maturity as one desires to enhance his/her spiritual

growth and ability to minister more effectively to others. Too often we deny our

struggles or try to endure and suffer alone.

It is our hope that after a student takes the initiative to seek help, he/she will find

that the support, resources, and help available are well worth any perceived risk.

Examples of personal problems and concerns that students have disclosed and

for which they have received counsel and help at CIU include family issues, doubt,

temptation, depression, plagiarism, substance abuse, eating disorders, and various

forms of prohibited sexual conduct.

As a community we desire to walk alongside anyone working through these issues

with God’s help. Faculty members, advisors, Student Life personnel, the director of

Residence Life, the campus nurse, resident assistants, or other staff are available for

assistance. Faculty and Student Life staff can provide a reference to a professional

counselor working at a reduced rate in cooperation with CIU. Appointments for these

referrals must be made through the office of the associate dean for Student Life in

the Rossi Student Center or by calling 807-5236 or ext. 5236.

It must be noted that not all information shared can always be held in strict

confidence. Our concern is for the individual’s safety and well-being as well as that

of our entire community. Therefore, information about a risk of imminent harm

to self or others, including serious violations of CIU standards that could cause

significant harm to self or others (such as the use of alcoholic beverages or drugs,

sexual immorality, etc.), may need to be shared with the appropriate resource or

authority. This may be shared by the student or the faculty/staff person working

with him/her.

To get immediate help with suicidal thoughts, call the

Suicide Hotline


1-800-273-8255. More information is available at their website,

. You can also contact the Crisis Call Center by

texting “Answer” to 839863.

Drug-Free Campus Policy

In accordance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of

1989, CIU has adopted and implemented a Drug-Free Campus Substance Abuse

Policy. Information will be distributed via your student email and available in hard

copy during the school year.

Food Services and Dining Room

In addition to regular meal service, additional services include the following.

Sick trays are available with the student’s ID card.

Take-out meals are available for work or school-related conflicts. 24-hour

notice is requested. Specific requests can be made since meals can be

tailored to one’s liking.