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2017-2018 CIU Student Handbook



When students come forward seeking help, every effort will be made

by the university to bring healing, wholeness, and reconciliation.

Faculty, Student Life deans, director of Residence Life, professional

counselors, health services staff, and other members of Student Life

desire to listen and help students through difficulties.


Any member of the CIU community may initiate and maintain a personal

discipling and mentoring relationship with a student to help in his or her

spiritual walk.


CIU community members are encouraged to incorporate different

structures of grace that might be helpful for the student, such as

Scripture reading, prayer, involving other students for support, readings

on particular topics, informal agreements, referral to professional

services, restrictions on particular activities or behaviors, etc.


Based on a community model, no one person, division, intervention,

etc., should be considered the only way to help a student. The goal

of the Student Life Disciplinary Process is to create a community of

caring involvement in one another’s lives.


Regardless of the incident, an appropriate member of the Student Life

staff should be notified when a violation of the standards is involved.

The goal is to preserve and support any healthy accountability or

mentoring relationship already in place, but there may be occasions

when Student Life may need to be included in the helping process.


In situations when either the individual does not respond positively to the

caring involvement of others or the behavior is of a serious consequence

to the individual or to the campus community, the situation should be

referred to the advisor of the Student Review Committee (see II. C. below)

to determine the next appropriate step, which may include a referral to the

Student Review Committee.

G. Any student who willingly self-reports a violation of the CIU standards

to a member of the Student Life staff, to a faculty or staff member, to a

student leader, or to another student, and then, with that other party comes

to Student Life, shall not be subject to any formal disciplinary process.

Consideration will be given as to the best course of action to provide the

support, discipleship, and accountability necessary to assist the student

who self-reports, but no formal disciplinary action will be taken beyond a

General Warning (see Section III below). This does not apply to an action or

behavior that is either a criminal offense or is a violation of the federal Title

IX or Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act policies.

II. General Information

A. Upon enrollment, students become members of the CIU community and

by this membership have agreed to follow the standards of the community.

In addition, the actions of all CIU community members are the actions by

which others judge CIU and our institutional purpose to educate people

from a biblical worldview to impact the nations with the message of Christ.

Thus students should be aware that any behavior, regardless of location,

geographical or virtual, may become the subject of scrutiny if brought to