Student Life

At CIU we believe that a strong sense of community is key to creating a well-rounded experience.  That’s why student life at CIU is exciting – every day offers new opportunities to connect and have fun with fellow students.

Getting Involved

CIU students volunteering with the Salvation Army.

Several student organizations assist CIU students in exploring their interests beyond the classroom by offering creative ways to serve one another and the community. 

Check the CIU calendar for upcoming events.

Living on Campus

When the long day is over, CIU students retreat to comfortable, safe housing accommodations.  CIU college students hanging out in an RA's room.

Students living in residence halls have the unique opportunity to build friendships, while being challenged spiritually, through interaction with fellow students. 

Pine View apartments are an ideal choice for students with families, as well as single graduate and seminary students, and upperclassmen who wish to live on campus. The dining hall, located in the Rossi Student Center, offers convenient, affordable and fresh food options. 

Studying Abroad

The CIU student life experience is very much alive, even when far from home. Through study abroad programs, students gain wide cultural A group of CIU students during the Italy study tour.perspective while sharing God’s word and their love of Christ. Mission trips and yearly study tours to Europe and Israel expose students to the sights, sounds and practices of other cultures. The bonds formed during these trips are invaluable. 

The best way to enjoy student life at CIU is to jump right in!