Undergraduate Residential Tuition & Fees

2023-2024 Tuition & Fees (per semester)

The current annual estimated tuition at CIU for a full-time undergraduate student who lives on campus is $39,850. That includes tuition, living expenses, book rentals, and fees.

We also recommend that all students budget for additional indirect costs they may incur such as $80 for loan fees, $1200 for purchasing educational supplies & equipment, $1,000 for transportation and $1,200 for miscellaneous expenses.

Below is a full list of all fees for 2023-2024. It includes information on living expenses, insurance, deposits, private music lessons, graduation expenses and other details you’ll need to know.

Please note fees and other charges may change without notice.

Enrollment Deposit $100
STUDENT SERVICES FEE (non-refundable)
Full-time $600
Part-time $300
TUITION (per semester; includes book rentals)
Full-time (12-18 credit hours) $13,350
Per hour (less than 12 credit hours) $1,115
Per hour (more than 18 credit hours) $1,115
Summer (per credit hour) $450
Dual Enrollment Program (per credit hour) $100
Audit (per credit hour) $80
ROOM AND BOARD (per semester)
Housing Deposit $100
3 person room/unlimited meal plan $5,270
2 person room/unlimited meal plan $5,975
1 person room/unlimited meal plan $6,825

NOTE: A 10 meal plan option is available for students with documented allergies.

Single, double, or triple room requests and any preferences given on the Student Housing Survey are based on availability and not guaranteed. Due to the volume of requests, first choice  may not be available.

Living expenses (room & board) do not include mid-semester breaks and the time between semesters (e.g., Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break).

Students who are on a CIU meal plan may use $100 per semester for purchases made at 34 North Coffee Shop. The initial $100 of the Ram Card is included in the Room and Board costs. Students will receive a gift card after start of the semester.

Athletic Fee (all atheletes, per semester) $300
International Student Athlete Insurance Fee $1,825
Nursing Program Fees for 3rd & 4th yr. only (per semester) $1,500
Science Lab Fees (per semester) $500
Graduation Late Fee $50
Identification Card Replacement Fee $10
Diploma/Certificate Replacement Fee $40
Diploma/Certificate Certified Copy Fee $90
Transcript Fee (per paper transcript) $12
Transcript Fee (per electronic transcript) $10

NOTE: Education majors will incur an additional $1,150.00 for teaching credential costs.

Private Lessons (per semester)  
1/2 hour lesson (1 semester credit) $240
1 hour lesson (2 semester credits) $480
Class Lessons (per semester) $150


CIU does not provide student health insurance with the exception of international student athletes. All students are required to have health insurance coverage and are responsible for securing their own coverage.