Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Theology (5-Year B.A./M.Div.)

Why pursue the 5-Year B.A./M.Div Program at CIU?

This unique program allows you to complete two degrees in five years: a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Theology and a Master of Divinity in the concentration of your choice. You can maximize your time and minimize the cost of your theological education without sacrificing the quality of your experience.

A faculty mentor will guide you through the process and a cohort of fellow students will encourage you along the way. The program combines rigorous academic study with practical ministry experience to prepare you for a lifetime of effective service to the local church.

How does it work?

  • You earn an accredited B.A. by completing 120 hours
    • 15 hours of M.Div. courses are taken as Electives
  • You earn an accredited M.Div. by completing 78 hours
    • 15 hours of M.Div. courses are earned as an Undergrad
    • 18 hours are earned through Proficiency Exams
    • 45 hours are taken during years 4 and 5   

Your Next Step

Review our course requirements and begin the application process.

Check out the following documents for more information on the 5-year B.A./M.Div. Program:

Faculty Mentor

Your faculty mentor for the 5-Year B.A./M.Div. is Matthew Haste.



Career and Ministry Opportunities for Pastoral Theology (5-Year B.A./M.Div.) Graduates

The program is designed for academically-gifted students with a clear sense of calling to vocational ministry. You will be equipped with a theological foundation for understanding the Scriptures and the practical skills needed for effective ministry in the church.

On Campus