World Religions Minor

Why minor in World Religions at CIU?

In a globalized world, a nation such as the United States has an increasingly diverse religious (and non-religious population). This program will equip you to understand the world’s prominent religions and belief systems, and also articulate a Christian witness in this environment.

Your Next Step

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Career and Ministry Opportunities for World Religions Graduates

The World Religions minor will prepare you to pursue further graduate studies in world religions, to teach world religions at the high school level, to serve in a cross-cultural ministry setting among diverse religious groups, or to serve as a consultant to government or faith-based organizations on world religions.

Degree Program Faculty

David Cashin, professor of Intercultural Studies at CIU

David G. Cashin

Professor of Intercultural Studies

B.A., Gordon College; M.A., Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh; M.A., Ph.D., Stockholm University, Sweden


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