Adjunct Faculty, Biology

Columbia International University
College of Arts and Sciences
Spring 2021
January 01, 2021

Adjunct faculty members create and facilitate courses and provide classroom instruction for CIU’s biology minor. Adjunct faculty ensure that student learning objectives are met for the course for which they are responsible and that every student learns at the highest level possible.

The biology minor provides an introduction to the vast field of biology. After completing the minor, students should be able to do the following:

  • Articulate the fundamental principles of biology and the scientific process;
  • Explain key concepts related to the field of microbiology;
  • Discuss basic principles of the field of genetics.

Courses such as the following may need instructors for Fall 2020 and/or Spring 2021 semesters:

  • Principles of Biology 1 (3) and Principles of Biology 1 Lab
  • Principles of Biology 2 (3) and Principles of Biology 2 Lab
  • Principles of Microbiology (3) and Principles of Microbiology Lab
  • Fundamental Genetics (3)
  • Molecular and General Genetics (3)
  • Essential Principles of Biochemistry (3)
  • Molecular Biochemistry (3)

• Establish a strong academic, social and cognitive presence
• Lead robust classroom discussion
• Grade student work with rubrics and provide appropriate feedback in a timely manner
• Advise and counsel students with coursework questions
• Offer suggestions for course improvements


• Minimum of Masters Degree in Biology
• Experience teaching on college or university level required
• Christian faith in accordance with the ethos of Columbia International University


Interested and qualified candidates, please complete the Resident Adjunct for the College of Arts and Sciences application.