Apprenticeship Program Director

Seminary & School of Ministry
40 hours/12 months
July 01, 2019


The Apprenticeship Program Director oversees the SSM church-centered apprenticeship initiative that includes four degree configurations: AA in Christian Ministries, BS in Christian Ministries, MA in Christian Ministries, and MDiv (Christian Ministries). The program director will be responsible to develop a comprehensive marketing and recruitment plan, interact with prospective program participants, cultivate new partnerships with congregations, visit potential congregational venues, recruit and train mentors who will work with program participants, provide academic advising and vocational guidance for program participants, coordinate evaluation of competency assessment projects/portfolios, and work with other departments of the university as necessary for the effective operation of the program. He/she will teach four courses per year in his/her discipline area.

The Apprenticeship Program Director collaborates with the SSM dean, faculty, and staff to assist the Church in equipping Great Commission Christians for culturally-relevant ministry among the nations and to fulfill the university’s mission of educating people from a biblical worldview to impact the nations with the message of Christ.

The Apprenticeship Program Director pursues the college and corporate missions with a commitment to CIU’s educational philosophy of total life training that integrates academic excellence, spiritual formation, and ministry skills development with Bible at the core.


• Program direction: Oversee all aspects of the church-centered apprenticeship initiative, including establishing partnerships with churches, coordinating ministry activities for program participants, evaluating achievement of foundational and advanced ministry competencies, and advising/mentoring program participants.

• Classroom instruction: Demonstrate excellence in classroom teaching, including proficiency in classroom and online instructional technology.

• Student relationships: Advise and mentor program participants; visit participants at their local church venues.

• Institutional representation: Work with Recruitment and Marketing to represent SSM to local congregations with interest in the apprenticeship program and to represent CIU to the community at large.

• Professional engagement: Participate in professional associations, research, and writing that support the practice of ministry.

• Ministry involvement: Model consistent service in local church, mission, and/or marketplace contexts.

• Personal growth: Model Christ-like character and conduct; exhibit growth in areas of personal challenge.


• Knowledge of the biblical-theological, spiritual, and practical aspects of ministry
• Knowledge of and proficiency in the use of classroom and online instructional technology
• Skill in networking, public speaking, teaching, and written communication
• Skill in administering a program in the field of theological education
• Skill in cultivating relationships with prospective apprenticeship sites and supervisors
• Able to communicate with and coach adult learners
• Able to work as part of a team in a collegial model of decision-making

• Earned doctorate from an accredited institution (Ph.D. or Th.D. preferred), with content in discipline areas related to the practice of ministry
• Teaching and administrative experience in theological education at the graduate level (at least five years)
• Experience in church-related ministry required (at least five years)
• Commitment to cross-cultural ministry (some cross-cultural ministry experience preferred)


Qualified applicants should complete the CIU Employment Application. For more information contact Dr. John D. Harvey, Seminary and School of Ministry: