Faculty, Psychology

Columbia International University
College of Arts & Sciences
40 hours/12 months
July 01, 2020


This psychology faculty provides support for the psychology and human services programs, serving as an instructor and interacting and advising students within the program. The faculty member will teach 24 semester hours annually within the discipline of psychology and/or human services.


• Provide support for the psychology program
• Advise and counsel students within the program
• Interact with prospective students as appropriate
• Endorsing and modeling professional standards and proficiencies
• Teach up to eight (8) college level courses per year (24 semester hours)
• Serve on committees as assigned within the university
• Assist in training students via internships and practicum experiences as appropriate
• Participate in faculty meetings at the college and university level; attend other appropriate events including chapel, conferences, and student events.
• Yearly affirm the institution’s mission, doctrinal position, and community standards



  • Knowledge of the disciplines associated with psychology, including but not limited to: research, psychological paradigms, human psychology, and counseling.
  • Knowledge of content areas associated with human services is also preferred.
  • Ability to teach effectively at the college level, utilizing technology as appropriate
  • Competent in or able to learn and facilitate online education
  • Ability to use technology effectively in teaching as appropriate 
  • Understand the needs and trends associated with traditional college age students as well as the traits necessary for graduates of the psychology program to display
  • Commitment to CIU’s mission and vision
  • Commitment to live within the standards of the CIU community
  • Design and implement effective instructional and counseling strategies and methodologies.
  • An earned doctorate (PhD) in Psychology from an accredited university is preferred.
  • Some level of post-secondary training in biblical/theological studies is desired to ensure biblical consistency in one’s philosophy of teaching psychology in a biblical university
  • Some cross-cultural ministry is desirable.
  • Preference is given to individuals with at least three years of experience teaching at the college level.