Ornamental Horticulturist

Physical Plant
20-25 hours/week
July 08, 2019


The person in this position is responsible for the planning, planting, and care of flower beds, planters, and mulched beds.


• Select appropriate ornamentals for flower beds, planters, and mulched beds.
• Prepare beds for planting.
• Plant, water, fertilize and monitor condition of ornamentals. Make adjustments to irrigation schedules to insure beds are maintained with optimal moisture levels.
• Deadhead/prune ornamentals
• Monitor ornamentals for insect and disease infestations and take appropriate action to address problems.
• Remove/control weeds in flower, mulched, and juniper beds.
• Assess Ben Lippen and CIU campus’ to determine where additional ornamentals are needed to improve the appearance of the grounds.
• Design ornamental beds and planters.


• Must understand how and when to water ornamentals.
• Ability to identify insect pests and diseases.
• Ability to select which ornamentals to plant in a variety of settings.
• Ability to safely apply pesticides.
• Ability to design and arrange attractive flowerbeds.


To apply, complete the CIU Employment Application (link is at the bottom of the Employment page.)