Payroll and Benefits Manager

Columbia International University
Human Resources
40 hours/12 months
June 15, 2020


The payroll and benefits manager (“Manager”) reports to the human resources (“HR”) director and is responsible for monitoring the payroll functions and benefit plans and for working with the external auditors who annually review these functions and plans.  The Manager oversees the correct allocation of all funds related to payroll (approximately $15,000,000) and benefits (approximately $17,000,000). The Manager, in consultation with the HR director, oversees the design, implementation and accounting for all employee benefits which includes contract negotiating with benefit vendors.  The Manager serves as a trustee and fiduciary and provides oversight for the health and retirement plans ensuring that they are in compliance with CIU and government policies.  The Manager also receives, audits, corrects, negotiates, and pays monthly benefit invoices. The Manager, in collaboration with the HR director and the CFO, helps formulate and oversee CIU's compensation and benefits policies and helps communicate these policies to employees.  The Manager, in collaboration with the HR director, evaluates and advises employees in relation to their need for employee assistance.  The Manager supervises the payroll assistant and must be familiar with payroll functions and procedures and capable of running the payroll in the absence of the payroll assistant.


1. Provide daily oversight of the payroll and benefits functions.

2. Supervise the preparation of monthly payrolls to ensure accuracy, timely payment, and compliance with federal and state laws, and regulations.

• Oversee the preparation of quarterly payroll reports, e.g., Form 941 federal income tax and social security return, SC state income tax return, and SC State Unemployment Security.
• Oversee the preparation and distribution of annual payroll reports to the government, appropriate CIU management/executives and Board of Trustees.

3. Oversee the design, implementation and accounting for all employee benefit plans ( e.g., educational benefits, health and wellness, retirement, flexible spending, health savings, long term disability plan, long term care, and others).   This includes going to market and negotiating with external benefit brokers and vendors.

4. Work with administrators, department heads, supervisors, employees and external auditors on issues related to payroll and employee benefits, resolving difficulties, helping promote understanding of and appreciation for payroll and benefits functions and provisions, and making sure changes are properly communicated to employees.  This includes implementation, testing, and corrections.

5. Conduct group meetings with employees using designed and prepared oral and multimedia presentations concerning payroll procedures, benefits plans (current and new) and answering questions from meeting participants.

6. Work together with the HR director on various departmental activities including occasionally interviewing employee candidates, training supervisors, and participating in new employee orientation.

7. Maintain the position roster and historic and census data files on all employees for payroll and benefits.

8. Work with outside agencies, auditors, federal and state government, immigration, health, life, retirement plan advisors and legal counsel on issues related to employment, payroll, benefits, corporate liability and workmen’s compensation.

9. In consultation with the human resources director, oversee the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helping employees with particular personal needs that impact work and continued employment at CIU.

10. Perform other duties as assigned including serve on committees.


• Proven skills for negotiating and problem resolution in compensation, benefits, insurance liability, workmen’s compensation matters and contracts.
• Knowledge of payroll and benefits regulations, policies and procedures.
• Proven skills in wisely and tactfully advising employees concerning pay and benefits issues.
• Ability to monitor and implement benefits plans and procedures for effectiveness and cost containment.
• Good communication and interpersonal skills; a good team builder and player.
• Proven ability to give clear oral and multimedia presentations to large and small groups.
• Proven ability to manage spreadsheets and databases.
• Proven ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines.
• Ability to supervise seasoned workers.
• Accuracy with details, good math and writing skills.
• Bachelors in accounting, business administration, human resources or related field.
• At least five years of relevant experience



CIU provides a benefits package that includes:

●   100% of employee’s cost of membership in the Health Plan;
●   401(k) plan with match opportunity;
●   100% of employee’s cost of group life insurance;
●   Long term disability insurance;
●   Vacation days, holidays, sick leave, family leave;
●   Educational benefits are available.