Social and Natural Sciences Administrative Assistant

Columbia International University
College of Arts and Sciences
40 hours/10 months
August 01, 2021

The person in this position manages the office of the Social and Natural Sciences division of the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS).  This person provides administrative, academic and management support to the division chair and the faculty and students.


  1. Manage the Social and Natural Sciences division administratively:
    • Maintain a welcoming environment for faculty, staff, students, and guests.
    • Provide administrative support in the classroom, and for regular advisors-advisees group meetings and other special events by the faculty, as needed.
    • Manage the corporate calendar and agenda for the division faculty.
    • Process correspondence and assist the faculty in providing timely and appropriate response.
    • Receive and respond to or forward telephone calls.
    • Maintain filing systems appropriate to functions of the division.
    • Communicate and interface with communication and psychology students regarding administrative requirements by the University and respond to student inquiries, including, but not limited to, course pre-registration and similar student academic and administrative requirements.
    • Participate in staff meetings and prayer time.
    • Handle the processing for the hiring of student workers and graduate assistants.
    • Procure the necessary supplies/media equipment/academic resources necessary for effective classroom instruction.
    • Understand the search components associated with the internet necessary to secure the resources/information/supplies/equipment at the best price.


  1. Assist the Social and Natural Science Faculty with the administration, classroom and academic support:
    • Understand and maintain faculty Canvas sites as directed by faculty.
    • Develop and maintain personnel files on adjunct and resident faculty.
    • Maintain files of current and recent course syllabi, and prepare, upload and/or print syllabi.
    • Assist faculty in preparation for advisor/advisee chapels (2-per semester).
    • Coordinate scheduling of and arrangements for faculty searches.
    • Proctor exams and assist in attendance recording and grade entry in Canvas.
    • Process invoices, reimbursement and travel advance requests, credit card statements, organizational dues payment requests, professional development expense requests for review and action by the dean, and various accounting needs for the CAS faculty and staff.
    • Facilitate communications with adjunct faculty teaching in the Social and Natural Sciences division helping them prepare for current and coming semesters.
    • Coordinate correspondence between Social and Natural Sciences division and CAS Dean’s office in relation to course schedules, faculty meetings, teaching loads, and new course/major proposals.


  • Ability to create and maintain a positive, orderly, and service-oriented office environment.
  • Familiarity with CIU’s ministry and academic environment, principles, and procedures.
  • Thorough knowledge of the undergraduate curriculum, CANVAS, academic programs and policies.
  • Familiar with social media and demonstrate an understanding of its impact.
  • Computer skills, including word processing, spreadsheet, web design and e-mail communication.
  • Operation of copiers, phone systems, scanners and Scranton grading machines.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and to act wisely and decisively.
  • Familiarity with the world of higher education.
  • Office experience, preferably in an academic environment.
  • Both a task orientation and a people orientation; that is, an ability to get a high number of tasks done in a high traffic environment where walk-ins suddenly become first priority.
  • Undergrad experience preferred.
  • Minimum of high school diploma.



CIU provides a benefits package that includes:

  • 100% of employee’s cost of membership in the Health Plan;
  • 401(k) plan with match opportunity;
  • 100% of employee’s cost of group life insurance;
  • Long term disability insurance;
  • Vacation days, holidays, sick leave, family leave;
  • Educational benefits: tuition reduction for PreK3-Graduate