Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Why study Psychology at CIU?

Have a heart for people? Is your passion to walk beside them through a rough season of life? Is it to help free victims from abusive situations? Or, is it to help hurting individuals overcome their own mental and emotional disorders? Columbia International University provides a Psychology program that is biblically consistent, scientifically credible, and clinically powerful.

Through the lens of Scripture, our Psychology program seeks to prepare you to grasp the mental, emotional and relational needs of people by prompting research and self-exploration. In the CIU Psychology program you will evaluate psychological paradigms by the authority of Scripture. That’s the big difference between our psychology program and the programs offered at many of other schools. Not only will you learn about the complexity and breadth of human nature, but also how to address those spiritual elements of the human being that must be acknowledged in any comprehensive human “psychology” (literally, “study of the soul”).

Our program is also unique in that it requires 200 hours of service in ministry and clinical practicum settings throughout the Columbia area. These experiences (under supervision) help students gain entrance to competitive graduate programs, and/or to find gainful employment in human service settings.        

Career and Ministry Opportunities 

Our Psychology program helps you gain admission to competitive graduate schools and then find professional work in academic and/or human service settings. Recent graduates have also found gainful employment in the corporate world, church-based settings, and in missionary organizations. Our recent graduates have worked in places such as psychiatric hospitals, the Supreme Court of the United States, as lead therapists in autism treatment centers, and in international missionary and human rescue settings.

Admissions Requirements

1. Complete the online application and pay the $25 application fee
2. Review and complete admissions requirements


On Campus