Financial Certification

Financial Certification for International Students

International applicants must understand the significant financial responsibility of attending a university in the United States.

CIU cannot guarantee financial aid. We can provide a list of undergraduate and graduate scholarships available for international students, but interested applicants also should pursue all other avenues of support.

If applying for a student (F-1) visa or if you hold this visa already, you are required to certify that you will have the sum for all expenses during your first year at CIU. If you plan to bring your spouse and/or children, a proportionately larger amount of money must be certified.

The first-year expenses include tuition, living expenses, books and incidentals. Finances must be proven and the deposit received before a certifying I-20 can be issued. 

Financial certification for non-residential students — including D.Min., Ed.D., M.Ed. is figured differently. Non-residential students come to campus for brief residency sessions and do not have to have an F-1 visa. They do have to make deposits for each class they plan to take during summer and “winterim” sessions.


Financial Certification
Undergraduate Graduate Seminary
Undergraduate$33,600 Graduate$24,000 Seminary$23,000


Traditional Students     Non-Residential: M.Ed., Ph.D., D.Min.    
Traditional StudentsSingle Students  $7,000 Non-Residential: M.Ed., Ph.D., D.Min.One Class  $1,800
Traditional StudentsMarried Students  $10,000 Non-Residential: M.Ed., Ph.D., D.Min.Two Classes  $3,600
      Non-Residential: M.Ed., Ph.D., D.Min.Three Classes  $5,400