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Master of Divinity in Bible Exposition



75 credit hours

Program Length

as few as 36 months


Nationally Accredited by ATS

Prepare for a Life of Teaching and Ministry Leadership 

If you have a deep passion for understanding, applying and effectively communicating the Scriptures, then CIU’s Master of Divinity in Bible Exposition program is designed with you in mind. This program is tailored to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to engage with the Word of God in a profound and impactful way. 

At the core of our program is a strong emphasis on Scripture. We believe that the Bible is the ultimate authority and the foundation for all aspects of ministry. Throughout your studies, you will delve into the depths of biblical interpretation, learning how to uncover the rich meaning and timeless truths within the Scriptures. This includes developing skills in exegesis, hermeneutics and biblical analysis, enabling you to accurately understand and apply the Word of God to contemporary issues and the lives of individuals. 

Spiritual formation is vital for effective ministry, and CIU’s Master of Divinity in Bible Exposition integrates this essential aspect throughout your learning journey. You will be encouraged to deepen your own spiritual walk, fostering a personal relationship with God and allowing His Word to transform your life. This holistic approach nurtures your spiritual growth and prepares you to minister to others with authenticity, compassion and wisdom. 

Our carefully constructed curriculum is designed to prepare you for a life of ministry leadership and teaching the Bible. You will engage in rigorous academic study, exploring various theological disciplines and gaining a comprehensive understanding of biblical principles and doctrine. Additionally, you will develop practical ministry skills, learning how to effectively communicate the Scriptures in diverse settings and contexts. 

In a rapidly changing world, it is crucial to be equipped to think biblically and navigate the complexities of our society through the lens of Scripture. Our Master of Divinity in Bible Exposition program will empower you to engage with contemporary issues, guiding others towards biblical truth and providing a solid foundation for faith and discipleship. 

By pursuing this degree, you are embarking on a transformative journey that will shape you into a knowledgeable, skilled and competent minister of God's Word. You will be equipped to serve as a leader, teacher and shepherd, faithfully proclaiming the Scriptures and impacting lives for the glory of God. Our program prepares you to navigate the challenges and opportunities of ministry in our ever-changing world, standing firm on the unchanging truth of God's Word.

Why Choose Columbia Biblical Seminary for this degree program: 

Your education at Columbia Biblical Seminary will be thoroughly evangelical, taught by professors from a wide array of evangelical denominations. We resolutely hold to orthodoxy and are committed to the primary doctrines of our faith. At the same time, we value the diversity of the evangelical tradition and help you to appreciate why different Christian traditions believe what they do on secondary matters of our faith.  

Furthermore, we emphasize the integration of biblical knowledge with ministry skills, enabling you to teach and disciple the whole person. Our faculty are skilled teachers and scholars who are actively engaged in church ministry, missions and publishing. They will invest in you as a student, discipling you and walking alongside you on your journey into ministry. 

Overall Benefits of the degree — what you can do with the degree: 

Our MDiv in Bible Exposition focuses especially on exegesis and the use of the biblical languages in exposition, giving you the skills you need for careful interpretation of the biblical text. Whereas many institutions currently deemphasize the biblical languages, we believe the biblical languages are vital to interpreting and teaching the Scriptures. Thus, we equip you to exegete the biblical text faithfully and competently from the original Greek and Hebrew text, with special attention to the ancient world context in which the Bible was written. 

Our Master of Divinity in Bible Exposition also integrates the interpretation and communication of Scripture with spiritual formation and ministry skills. It is not enough to simply know about God and the Bible, you will learn to embody Christ and the Scriptures in your ministry by fully integrating the head, heart and hands.  

For this reason, you will learn how to teach and apply the Bible practically in a variety of ministry contexts. Coursework in preaching and teaching, in addition to guided practice in your internship, will give you the ability and confidence to communicate Scripture in a wide variety of settings, for example: church services, small groups, Bible studies and Bible classes at private Christian schools.  

Featured Faculty

What Will I Study?

In addition to the Master of Divinity core, you will take courses such as:

  • INT 6110 Foundations of Internships

    This course is intended as a prerequisite for other INT courses. You will prepare for an internship by establishing a clear plan for learning and understanding the expectations, responsibilities, and activities associated with your internship experience. You must complete this course before you begin your internship. You do not need to secure an internship before enrolling in this course.

    0.00 credit hours
  • INT 6217 Focused Internship I

    In this course, you will enhane your proficiency in ministry and organizational knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained through your studies in a focused internship under the supervision of an on-site mentor and a faculty advisor. Each course involves at least 120 hours of direct ministry experience. (1.5)

    1.50 credit hours
  • INT 6218 Focused Internship II

    In this course, you will enhane your proficiency in ministry and organizational knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained through your studies in a focused internship under the supervision of an on-site mentor and a faculty advisor. Each course involves at least 120 hours of direct ministry experience. (1.5)

    1.50 credit hours
  • RES 7971 Master's Thesis

    After submitting and defending a prospectus, as outlined in the SSM Master's Thesis Manual, you will research, write, and refine a scholarly thesis in both content and form (as stipulated in the Manual) under the guidance of two faculty members. The process will culminate in a defense of the thesis before an appointed committee composed of at least three faculty members.

    3.00 credit hours
For a comprehensive list of courses related to this program visit the Academic Catalog.

Admission Requirements

  • completed application
  • affirmation that you are a Christian and agree with CIU’s Statement of Faith
  • official transcript(s) for completed bachelor’s degree(s) * +
  • official transcript(s) for any graduate-level coursework +
  • essay (approximately 800 words)
  • church leader reference
  • * If you have not completed an undergraduate bachelor’s degree, you can still potentially apply for admission in accordance with CIU’s Non-Baccalaureate Policy.
  • + If you have attended a school outside of the United States, you must have your transcripts validated through World Education Services.

International applicants also need:

  • submitted test scores for one of the following standardized tests for the English language:
  • completed educational background form (provided after application submission)
  • financial certification of funds form (provided after application submission)

Accreditation and Accolades

ATS (The Association of Theological Schools)
ABHE (The Association for Biblical Higher Education)
SACSCOC (The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges)

Potential ministry opportunities for graduates include:

  • Pastor (Teaching, Senior, Associate, etc.) 
  • Bible Teacher 
  • Bible Curriculum Author/Designer
  • Academic Ministry 
  • Bible Translator 
What are the student learning objectives for the MDiv in Bible Exposition?

The Master of Divinity in Bible Exposition will enable students to:

  • Practice sound exegesis and exposition of the biblical text based on the biblical languages
  • Analyze and create a plan for spiritual formation as it relates to life and vocational setting
  • Identify and analyze cultural issues and dynamics
  • Explain and apply principles of ministry leadership
  • Apply knowledge, attitudes and skills related to a chosen vocational calling under the supervision of an on-site mentor and a faculty advisor
What career opportunities are available with an MDiv in Bible Exposition?
  • Pastor (Teaching, Senior, Associate, etc.)
  • Bible Teacher
  • Bible Curriculum Author/Designer
  • Academic Ministry
  • Bible Translator
Can I take this program residentially, online or both?

Our MDiv Bible Exposition is fully available either residentially or online. All of the required courses are offered in both formats.

As a residential student, you will benefit from close interaction with professors and other students, building relationships that can support you for a lifetime of ministry. Classes are designed around block schedules, which gives you flexibility if you are working or serving in ministry while taking courses. Residential students have the option to take courses online if they wish.

As an online student, you will benefit from courses that foster your learning within the context of an intentional learning community. We recognize that not everyone can uproot themselves and move to seminary. For this reason, all our courses are asynchronous. This allows you to continue working and serving where you are located while taking courses. At the same time, you will be provided with opportunities to have regular, live online meetings with your professors and classmates, if you so desire.

How long does this program take?

Residential courses follow a 16-week semester format, with two semesters per calendar year (Fall and Spring). Thus, residential students can complete this program in about three years (full time, taking three courses per semester) or in about five years (part time, taking two courses per semester).

Online courses follow an eight-week term format, with six terms per calendar year (Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer 1, Summer 2, Fall 1, Fall 2). Online students can complete this program in about two years (full time, taking two courses per online term) or in about four years (part time, taking one course per online term).

Hybrid students can complete this program in about three years.

When can I start this program?

Residential courses follow a 16-week semester format and have two starts every year. The spring semester begins in January and the fall semester begins in August, with a break for summer in between semesters.

Online courses follow an eight-week term format and have six starts every year. Every eight weeks is a new start, meaning there are two online terms offered each spring, summer and fall.

How much does this program cost?

CIU’s Master of Divinity is economical and affordable. Visit Tuition and Fees for information on program costs.

Is Bible software provided to me as a student? 

Yes, upon enrolling in your first course, you will receive a professional-level copy of Accordance Bible Software customized for your studies at Columbia Biblical Seminary. You may keep this this software upon graduation. 

Will this degree prepare me for a PhD program?

Yes, this degree is a good foundation for moving toward a PhD in biblical or theological studies. PhDs in these areas require intimacy with the biblical languages and facility in research skills, both of which the MDiv in Bible Exposition emphasizes as a foundation for further studies.


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