Vehicle Registration, Parking, and Driving Regulations

All CIU community members are responsible for knowing and abiding by the following regulations. Any changes to vehicle registration, parking and/or driving regulations will be issued through The Insider and/or

Vehicle Registration

Faculty, staff, and students [Off-Campus (Commuter), On-Campus (Residence Hall), and Pine View Residents] are required to register every vehicle driven on campus, including motorcycles. Registration must be completed within one week of first driving the vehicle on campus.

Students: register vehicles and pay the decal fee online at; decal fee is added to your student account. After registration, parking decals may be picked up at the appropriate office (Student Life Office for all students except those in Pine View; Pine View Office for residents of Pine View). Only one payment per family is required per year/semester regardless of how many vehicles are registered ($40 per year or $25 per semester). Unregistered vehicles parked on campus may be issued a citation that incurs a $50 fine. A student needing a temporary pass may pick one up at the Student Life Office.

Faculty/Staff: register and pick up decals through Human Resources (HR) –no charge

On-campus contract service employees: register and pick up decals through Security – no charge

Guests: Free Guest Parking Passes are available for campus visitors and students when using a vehicle on campus for two weeks or less. Guest passes may be picked up from Security or the Reception Desk in the Administration Building.

Decal Placement on Vehicle

Cars and Vans: Parking decals must be displayed on the front and back of vehicles. Front (driver’s side) top or bottom of windshield and back (driver’s side)-the left rear bumper or bottom left exterior corner of the rear window so the decal is clearly visible.

Convertibles: Parking decals must be displayed on the left rear bumper so the decal is clearly visible.

Motorcycles: Parking decals must be displayed on any rearward-facing portion so the decal is clearly visible.

Detached trailers parked on campus: Trailers must be registered and a decal displayed on the left side of the tongue or frame near the hitching point so the decal is clearly visible. Trailers must be parked in undesignated spaces behind Founders Hall.

CIU students who change their campus status (residence or employment) must remove the old parking decals and affix the new decals to their vehicles within one week. Vehicle decals must match a student’s current campus status. Parking decals should be removed from vehicles when ownership changes.

Designated Parking Regulations

Designated parking spaces are marked with paint at the rear of the space and/or with a sign:

ADA spaces: Reserved for vehicles with both a Disabled Parking Permit and a CIU Parking decal

Visitor: Reserved for true visitors only; not available for temporary parking Thirty minute parking spaces at Rossi Student Center: Available for use by any CIU community member or visitor for no longer than 30 minutes

Parking and Driving Regulations, Violations and Penalties

Parking and driving regulations are in effect 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year, including nights, weekends and holidays. CIU is not responsible for any loss of, or damage to, vehicles or the contents of vehicles parked on its premises.

Parking and driving on the CIU campus is a privilege and may be withdrawn due to unsafe driving behavior or repetitive violations of the parking and driving regulations. CIU community members are responsible for ensuring all drivers of their vehicle(s) know and abide by the CIU parking and driving regulations. Security must be notified when a mechanical problem forces a vehicle to be parked outside a parking space or needs to be left in a parking space; vehicles must be moved within five days.

The vehicle speed limit on campus is 15 mph, except 25 mph on International Boulevard.

The following are violations of campus regulations:

Decal and Parking Violations

  • Vehicle without a proper decal
  • Decal improperly displayed or not readable
  • Vehicle not parked within a parking space
  • Curb parking, except at Rossi Student Center in the short-term parking spaces (30 minutes). Physical Plant vehicles are permitted to park on the curb while an employee is working.
  • Parking on the grass and under trees
  • Double parking outside of authorized spaces
  • Blocking a fire hydrant
  • Blocking the roadway or entrance
  • Double parking or blocking another vehicle
  • Parking in an ADA space without proper credentials
  • Parking in “No-Parking” areas
  • Parking a detached trailer in any space except undesignated spaces behind Founders Hall

Traffic Violations

  • Speeding
  • Reckless Driving (careless/unsafe driving)
  • Driving on the grass or athletic fields
  • Disregarding one-way traffic signs & other posted signs and signals
  • Failure to obey traffic directions given by a campus security officer

Violations may result in a citation being issued. Campus parking violation fines must be paid in the Accounting Office within five days of the date on the citation or penalties may be applied. Repeat parking and traffic violations may result in additional fines or penalties, vehicle immobilization, vehicle towing, the loss of driving and parking privileges on campus or a registration hold on a student account.

Citation Appeal Procedures

Citation Appeal Forms are available in the Student Life Office. The appeal form and citation must be returned to the Student Life Office within five (5) days of the date on the citation for the dean of students and Security to review. Appeal requests received later than five (5) days are not accepted.