Spring 2022 Commencement


We are looking forward to celebrating with you, our students, and your family and friends on April 30th as you close out another chapter at CIU. To help make information about the upcoming Spring 2022 Commencement ceremony more accessible we will be posting information and updates to this page as plans for commencement develop. Students who have applied for graduation will still be contacted via their CIU student email accounts regarding any actions or updates specific to their graduation status.

Questions or feedback? Contact the Office of the University Registrar (Email: or Phone: 803-807-5040). Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm EST.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've applied for graduation (degree conferral). Now what?

Once applied you will be added to our graduation mailing list for updates and action items regarding graduation and commencement. Here is a quick run-down of what you can expect.

  • Check your CIU email! Announcements regarding commencement and your graduation audit are sent directly to your CIU student email.
  • Order your regalia! You can order regalia through this link. For any questions regarding regalia please contact the bookstore at 803.807.5290 or
  • Submit your Commencement RSVP form (once you receive one from our office via email). This helps us to plan the ceremony accordingly (printed name in program) and acts as your RSVP and holds your tickets for your guests.
  • Know that conferring degrees takes some time:  Diplomas for students graduating in Spring 2022 (April 30th, 2022 conferral date) will be ready to be mailed or picked up from the Registrar's office 6 - 8 weeks after the Commencement ceremony. If your diploma receipt preferences have changed since you applied (ie want to pick up instead of having packet mailed or if you will be unable to access mail at the given address) please email us at
When and where is Commencement held? 

The Spring 2022 commencement is scheduled to take place in‐person on Saturday, April 30th, 2022 in Shortess Chapel. Shortess is located on our campus (7435 Monticello Road, Columbia, SC) and we are planning for multiple ceremonies to be conducted.

         8 am                All Graduate/Doctoral level (except College of Intercultural Studies graduates—MAs and PhDs)

         11 am              All Undergraduates (UG Cert, AA, BS/BA) and College of Intercultural Studies grads (MAs and PhDs)

Graduates typically arrive an hour prior to ceremony start time for line-up. Guests arriving with their graduates will be seated in the auditorium. 

A campus map is available here: ‐ Shortess (4).

Will my guests need tickets?

Yes! Seating is limited and each guest will need a ticket for the ceremony. Each graduate will receive 4 tickets to the ceremony. Graduates do not need a ticket for themselves but do need to reserve their tickets using the links below:

8 am Service: All Graduate/Doctoral level (except College of Intercultural Studies graduates—MAs and PhDs)

8 am Service (Shortess Chapel):

8 am (Hoke Auditorium Overflow):

11 am Service: All Undergraduates (UG Cert, AA, BS/BA) and College of Intercultural Studies grads (MAs and PhDs)

11am Service (Shortess Chapel):

11 am (Hoke Auditorium Overflow):

Edited 4/6/22: The window for additional ticket requests, has official CLOSED. Any one requiring additional tickets going forward, will need to utilize the overflow seating ticket request for HOKE AUDITORIUM. You will receive an email from our office by April 11th if we were able to accommodate your extra ticket request.

Is there going to be a commencement practice/rehearsal? 

Yes! Practice is held the Friday afternoon prior to the ceremony. All participating students are highly encouraged to attend. Practice typically lasts an hour, but will pay dividends in making your ceremony run smoothly. Guests of graduates are not encouraged to attend the rehearsal as there is a lot of information to be dispersed during the short period we have with you at practice.  Practice time will be forthcoming.

Edited 4/6/22: Practice will be held Friday April 29,2022 in Shortess Chapel

  • Graduates who are participating in the 8:00am service will have practice at 12:00pm
  • Graduates who are participating in the 11:00am service will have practice at 11:00am
  • We ask that ONLY the graduate attend practice and arrive on time, as practice will begin promptly at the designated time.
Will this ceremony be livestreamed and/or recorded? 


8 am ceremony -

11 am ceremony -


Graduation Day Specifics:

Please remember there will be a CLEAR BAG policy in effect during graduation.

Arrival times:


8:00am Service: Graduates, please arrive at 7:15am and get checked in at FISHER.

11:00am Service: Graduates, please arrive at 10:15am and get checked in at FISHER.

If I have my diploma certificate or cover/case do I need to bring it to the ceremony? 

Every graduate will be picking up an empty diploma cover/case as they walk across the stage, provided by the Registrar's Office. Please do not bring your diploma or cover/case to the ceremony. 

When will my degree be conferred?

CIU has three conferral dates per year-- Fall (December), Spring (April/May), and Summer (August).

Your conferral date is based on the term you selected when you applied for Graduation and when all degree requirements are completed.

If you applied for Spring 2022, your conferral date is April 30th, 2022. If you applied for Summer 2022, your conferral date is August 19, 2022. 

Please note that it does take up to 6-8 weeks for conferrals to be processed and applied to your academic record. You can verify your conferral date's status anytime by viewing your unofficial transcript on myCIU.

When are CIU commencement ceremonies held?

Normally, our commencement ceremonies are held at end of term in Fall (December) and Spring (April/May).

When do I get my diploma? 

Diplomas for all Spring conferral graduates should be available 6 ‐ 8 weeks after term end, roughly by early July and all Summer conferral graduates should be available by early October. Students with accounting balances will need to be settled in order for their diploma (and any official transcript orders) to be released.

Clear Bag Policy

To ensure the safety of our guests, only clear bags will be permitted at the ceremonies. 

What precautions are being taken with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Please check CIU's COVID-19 response page ( for details as to how CIU is operating at this time. Any updates to our university's response will be posted there. If there are commencement specific instructions we will include those on this page.

Are there other graduation activities scheduled besides the commencement ceremony?

The Registrar's Office coordinates the Commencement practice (Friday, April 29th, Time TBD) and the Commencement Ceremony itself. 

Other services or events (ex. commissioning services, dinners) are typically coordinated through the various colleges. Please do reach out to your faculty advisor for information on regarding these separate events.

I have questions regarding honor cords and/or stoles.

Students who qualify for Honor cords and honor stoles will receive an email from our office and will be distributed from our office. Students unable to pick up cords and/or stoles will receive them either at practice or during line up on the day of the ceremony.

Scholastic honors are based on the student's cumulative GPA as of the previous semester's GPA. Students will be notified via email if they earned scholastic honors. Only four-year undergraduate students are considered for scholastic honors. Stoles for other organizations (ie not scholastic) should not be worn for the commencement ceremony.

I'm coming to graduation from out of town. Where can I stay?

Columbia, SC offers a wide range of off-campus accommodations, many of which are located within a short driving distance of CIU. CIU also maintains guestrooms at the Alumni Center, which are available to alumni, as well as current students and their families. Please contact the Alumni department if you have questions regarding their guestrooms.

I have handicap accessibility needs for myself or my guests. What should I do?

We would love to accommodate anyone that has accessibility needs. If you or your guests use a walker and/or wheelchair we are able to plan seating arrangements to make you comfortable. Please email or call 803-807-5040 to request this. 

What do I do if I can no longer attend/participate in the ceremony?

Let us know immediately if you aren't able to attend commencement, preferably to our email, but calls are also accepted (803-807-5040). 

Will there be pictures of the ceremony available?

Typically, our University Communications department takes photos of this event, including stage photos of our graduates as they receive their diploma covers. The photos are then made available to the students who participated through Vidigami (invite sent to student email) or drop box in the weeks afterward. There is usually no charge to download from this repository.

Academic Regalia

Our Bookstore is your source for acquiring your cap, gown, and tassel (and hood, as applicable) and can be accessed here

 Students who have ordered regalia are instructed to watch their email. The Bookstore will be contacting you once your order is ready for pickup and should you have any questions you can contact the Campus Store at 803-807-5290 or

Donning your regalia hood

To help familiarize our graduating students with how to assemble their regalia we have included here a quick graphic for graduates with hoods included in their regalia (masters and doctoral, seminary graduate hoods pictured). Students graduating with their Bachelors degree do not have a hood. Students graduating with their Associates would wear Bachelor robes.