Breaking down walls.

God has put such a heavy burden on my heart.....a heart for those outside the church walls. I feel that we do a great job at reaching out to those outside the church walls, but God has opened my eyes to how desperately people outside the walls need to be reached.

I have a few friends who have turned their backs on God and it breaks my heart. And I definitely feel God pressing that upon my heart - to pray fiercely for them each and every day, to cry out to my Father to protect them, to open their eyes to the Truth that He gives us every day.

I challenge you to pray with me.....for my friends but also for whoever else you know that is far from the Lord. Also, let's get outside of the building of church for a bit and actually BE the church to those around us....there are people out there that need to know the love of God desperately and we may be that one person who can make a difference in their lives.

Church arise! Arise, God is calling us to GO!

To go make a be the salt and light to a dying and hurting world.

In Christ,
Damaris Bruce

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