Intercultural Studies Majors are required to do a 6-8 week internship in a cross-cultural setting, preferably overseas. I did my internship last summer with CLC in London, England. There were six CIU students serving with CLC that summer, and above is a picture of the four of us girls during training. We were scattered throughout England, working in different Christian bookshops.


My experience was excellent, and God used my two months in London to change my life. While everyone has a different experience, it is amply clear that God works in each internship. Away from family, friends, and one’s own country, students’ beliefs, ministry practices, and financial responsibilities are put to the test.


I learned a lot on my internship, but I also enjoyed coming back and addressing fellow students who have yet to go on theirs. I can give hints and tips, and I have loved hearing about God’s plans for them this summer (or next semester).


Though two months may seem daunting—admittedly it is a long time to be out of one’s comfort zone—the required internship is a gift to each student. I pray that God will use the internships this year for His glory and the edification of the global Church.


-Lenae Simpson


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