Alisha Biler

Alisha Biler joined the CIU Faculty in 2016. She has taught English as a Foreign Language for over a decade, both in the U.S and abroad. Currently, Alisha is an Assistant Professor of English and Linguistics at Boyce College. Her past EFL experience has included instruction, teacher training, research, and curriculum development. The focus of her dissertation is on second language reading and how research can help teachers in the classroom.
Originally from Ohio, Alisha enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephew. Her hobbies include reading, traveling, and talking with people from different cultures.


  • PhD, University of South Carolina
  • MA & TESOL Cert., University of South Carolina
  • BS, Bowling Green State University 

Selected Publications (Training Guide Chapter)

  • Biler, A. (2019). The reliability of readability tools in L2 reading. In K. Bailey & S. Papageorgiou (Eds.), Global Perspectives on Language Assessment (pp. 108-121). London: Routledge.