David G. Cashin

Dr. Cashin is professor of intercultural studies in the College of Intercultural Studies at CIU. Previously, he lived in Sweden, where he served as pastor of two churches. He wrote and taught courses and seminars in Islamic history, theology, and Muslim-Christian relations. Then, for nine years, Dr. Cashin served in Bangladesh as missionary, church planter, educator, and development worker with SIM International. He has published several books and numerous articles in Islam and other subjects in English, Swedish, and Bengali.

Dr. Cashin and his wife, Margareta, reside in Columbia, SC. They have three married sons and nine grandchildren. He is an avid coin collector and fisherman and a regular swimmer at the “Y.” 


  • PhD, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • MA, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • MA, Dhaka University, Bangladesh
  • BA, Gordon College



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  • The Ocean of Love: Ali Raja's Agam and Jnan Sagara, Dhaka: Bangia Academy, 1994.
  • The Ocean of Love: Middle Bengali Sufi Literature and the Fakirs of Bengal, Doctoral thesis, (Stockholm: The Association of Oriental Studies, Stockholm University), 1995.
  • The Secret of the Blessing of Abraham, Bangladesh Correspondence School, Dhaka, 1986. Written and published in Bengali.
  • Study Guide for the Blessing of Abraham, Bangladesh Correspondence School, 1987. Written and published in Bengali.


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Awards and Honors

  • Yale University Faith in Life Award with grant money for ICS 6024 Understanding Cultures and Worldviews, 2005.
  • Award for Excellence in Teaching, South Carolina Independent Schools and Colleges with grant money, 2016.