Joe LeTexier

Joe LeTexier, Professor of TESOL/Linguistics
(803) 807-5613
Professor of TESOL/Linguistics

B.A., Crown College; M.A., M.Div., Columbia International University; Ph.D., University of South Carolina

Joe LeTexier joined the CIU faculty in 1996. Prior to that, he was involved in cross-cultural ministry working primarily in Zaragoza, Spain.

Joe earned a PhD in Linguistics from the University of South Carolina. His primary research interests are second language acquisition and TESOL. Joe is fluent in Spanish and he has conducted extensive linguistic research into the Spanish language. Foremost among this research was his Ph.D. dissertation entitled The Interaction of Individual Working Memory Capacity with Cognitive Linguistics-based and Translation-based Instructional Treatments during the Acquisition of Polysemous L2 Spanish Spatial Prepositions (2019).

As a professor, Joe loves to see his students become excited about applying linguistic theory to the second language classroom. He also enjoys spending time with students outside of the classroom over a meal or just a cup of coffee. As a professor of TESOL and linguistics, he desires to facilitate the growth of his students not only as educators, but also as effective cross-cultural workers.

Joe has been married to Susana, a native of Spain, since 1994, and together they have four children, Lucas, Marcus, Hannah and Paul. As a family, they enjoy playing musical instruments, watching movies, and visiting with family and friends. Joe and his family attend Sandhills Community Church in Columbia where they have been active in various ministries, especially the worship team and the children’s ministry.